Plentyfull – Restaurant, Patisserie & Gourmet Grocer

Plentyfull is an all-day dual concept restaurant comprising of a restaurant, patisserie and gourmet grocer and more. With a philosophy of sourcing their ingredients from farms and cooking with no preservatives, it offers a wide variety of menu which are freshly prepared in-house.

What first greeted us was Little Farms, their gourmet grocer with a range of organic ingredients and snacks, from which the restaurant obtains some of its ingredients as well.

The restaurant’s interior was spacious, warm and nicely decked out in beautiful modern industrial decor.

Plentyfull Fries ($12) caught me by surprise. What a unique way of presenting fries. The potatoes are shaved in strips and fried to give it a layered and crispy texture.

Tofu Caprese ($14) is made with silken tofu dressed in yuzu soy dressing with plum tomatoes, shallot and seeds. The tangy tomatoes and yuzu sauce truly stimulates the palate and appetite.

Miso Gratinated Aubergine ($16) also known as eggplant is gratinated with Saikyo miso on cabbage slaw to give it a crispy skin and tender meat-like texture.

Pan-fried Farmed Barramundi ($26) is quick-braised and served with seasonal greens in a yuzu wasabi glaze.

House-smoked Mussels on Toast ($24) is served with charred scallion yoghurt and kimchi tomatoes. It has a balanced taste of sweet, sour and spicy.

Short-rib Ragu with House-made Parpadelle ($26) is my favorite main dish which includes ingredients like confit vine tomatoes and pecorino cheese. The pasta is springy with a firm bite, not too soggy and just right. The meat sauce is extremely flavorful, and the texture is slightly different from the usual bolognese sauce as this is more meaty.

Mango Mint Soda ($8) and Bana-Tato ($9) are made with fresh mango, mint leaves, soda and banana, soya milk, honey, sweet potato. Sweet potato in a drink? Don’t be alarmed, it was surprisingly delicious!

Devil’s Food Cake ($9) has various sponge cake layers topped with valrhona dark chocolate ganache. Very rich, very moist, very sinful. tongue

Queen’s Cake ($9) is a crowd-pleasing dessert with strawberry sponge layered with rose cream, lychees and raspberries. It was light, sweet and fluffy. Definitely a ladies’ favorite. heart

S’mores Tart ($8) is my personal favorite. That buttery and crunchy crust, with chocolatey goodness and a smooth meringue on top that’s lightly toasted. I give this a thumbs up. smile

Monkey Cake ($9) got its name as it is made with chocolate and bananas.

9 Raffles Boulevard, #01-79/80 Millenia Walk
Tel: (65) 6493 2997
Note: Prices are subjected to 10% service charge and prevailing government taxes.

Taiwan: Ay-Chung Flour-Rice Noodle 阿宗麵線

Taiwan is known for their street food and food stalls tucked away in their small alleys. I have always wanted to try Ay-Chung Flour-Rice Noodle 阿宗麵線 as those in Singapore are only available with oysters or shredded chicken, and the oysters are usually not very fresh. angry

The shop was crowded with people slurping and savouring on their signature mee sua during the both times we were at the Ximending outlet. The perks for staying near there! tongue

The usual mee sua comes with oysters, also known as 蚵仔麵線 which I don’t really fancy. The Ay-Chung version comes with braised pig intestines, which are really soft and doesn’t have the strange smell. The noodles were soft and almost melts in the mouth, a sign that it has been cooked for hours to achieve that texture. The condiments like garlic, chilli sauce and cilantro added that extra oomph to the noodles. Eating this is such an enjoyment, especially in the cold weather. smile

Definitely stamped and approved by us! bigsmile

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