Watsons Girls Day Out 2015

Watsons Girls Day Out 2015

Watsons is no doubt my favourite store to go for my beauty and health fix. Their recent Girls Day Out introduces a huge array of new brands as well as their new Watsons eStore in conjunction with their 27th birthday. :)


Hi :)

We spend most of our time staring at the screens, be it on the computer, our tablets, mobile phones or television. Prolonged exposure to the blue light emitted by the devices can cause headache, eye fatigue and blurry visions to the eyes, these symptoms are known as Digital Eye Strain. Energeyes alleviate the symptoms of Digital Eye Strain by cutting out over 50% of harmful blue light which significantly reduces the glares from the screens. I have been using this in the office and I am impressed that my eyes feel less strained now.


Honeyce’ Moisture Repair series uses 8 kinds of honey sourced from all over the world – Manuka honey, Clover, honey, Raspberry honey, Rosemary honey, Orange honey, Lemon honey, Acavia honey and Blueberry honey. With the addition of argan oil, jojoba oil and keratin, it helps to repair the hair, giving you stronger, healthier, and easily manageable hair. Packed with lemon, royal jelly, organic oil, clay and sea salt, the other Juicy Spa series is targeted at improving scalp health to repair and promote the growth of supple and shiny hair.


Most of the shampoos in the market contain silicone, an ingredient that coats the hair to make it appear sleeker, frizz-free and healthier. In fact, it is harmful in the long run and will cause breakage, hair follicles to clog and unhealthy scalp. Bluria which is silicone-free, aims to nourish, repair and moisturize our tresses with natural ingredients.


The brand originates from France and using the finest selection of fresh florals, special techniques are used to extract the purest form of essence from the flowers to produce each shower and bath gel. If you love floral-scented shower gels, you will definitely love this range. There are even flower petals in the shower gel to enhance the experience.


Having a soft spot for lip products, the limited edition CC Lip Cream caught my attention. A multifunctional highly pigmented lip cream that not only colors and even out the lips for plumper-looking lips with vibrant shine, but nourishes and protects like a lip balm. It also contains SPF19 PA++ to protect the lips from harmful UV rays.

Yu Pin Zhen

The bird’s nest from Yu Pin Zhen are 100% concentrated and doesn’t contain inferior ingredients. Now this is really nutritious for those who are looking to improve the well-being of their body and strengthening the immune system. The purified bird’s nest is also extremely good for making the skin more healthy, glowy and supple.

Do visit the new Watsons eStore or check in-stores for new launches from Vichy, L’Oreal, Silky Girl, Revlon, Asience, Bioderma, just to name a few! Have fun shopping at Watsons! :)

KUVO High Tea

KUVO High Tea

KUVO, a multi-concept restaurant + bar + lounge is located in Orchard Road. Those looking for a chill-out place right in the heart of town, look no further! :) Standing out from the usual F&B scene, guests can look forward to dine at KUVO in different ways to enjoy some precious moments.

Upon stepping into KUVO, you will see a luxurious Gift Shop that sells handcrafted chocolates and cakes, as well as exquisite home utensils and gifts.

The Vine Lounge which seats up to 32 persons have over 140 labels for those seeking for a laidback spot to chill with a glass of wine, a perfect location to relax.

The Elixir Bar is helmed by mixologist Yutaka Nakashima who had over 16 years of experience in bartending and cooking. The cocktails are priced from $21++ and other nibbles like duck foie gras, shucked oysters and coffee hot wings are made to match the drinks.

The main dining space at KUVO seats up to 88 persons and serves an all-day ala carte menu daily. The highlight of the tasting was the high tea, which is served daily with a choice of coffee or tea. The 3-tier sumptuous spread includes KUVO signatures, complemented with classic high tea favorites like scones, cheese, pastries, etc. on the buffet spread.

From now till end of May, the 3rd guest dines free with any 2 paying guests at $35++ per person, or $48++ per person with free flow of Antica Fratta sparkling wine. The high tea includes the buffet spread and the refillable nibbles on the 3-tier spread with a choice of coffee or tea. KUVO’s high tea is available daily from 3pm to 5.30pm.

321 Orchard Road
Orchard Shopping Centre #02-01
Singapore 238866
Tel: (65) 6733 8272

Plan for Your Renovation Budget

Plan for Your Renovation Budget

“How much did you spend on your renovation?” – a question that we have been asked a lot recently.

To be honest, numbers are just numbers and it still depends on the extensiveness of the renovation that every couple is willing to do. Renovation usually takes up a huge chunk of your savings and it is vital to plan for a budget to avoid bursting your expenditures. Nowadays, a simple renovation can cost at least $20K.

So how to get started?

Decide on a theme

We have decided on the theme Scandinavian as we love the simple and sleek Danish design. With the theme in mind, you can start looking for inspirations and inform your ID/contractor.

Search for inspirations

Start looking for inspirations! Read my blog post on Apps & Sites for Home Inspirations for more ideas.

Plan for your personal finances

Don’t spend what you can’t afford to. Make sure that the amount is comfortable for the both of you.

Budget for your renovation and furnishings

For renovation costs, make sure that you include all the items that you wish to renovate on into the quotation. One important thing to note would be a “variation order”. This will come nearing the end of the renovation with additional costs that have been included into the initial quotation, so do follow up closely to avoid bursting your budget. Bear in mind that carpentry is the most costly.

Furniture cost can go between $10K-$20K depending on the items that you purchase. But then again, I do feel that you can take your time to furnish your home along the way. Necessary items like fridge, washing machine, sinks, taps, oven, hood & hob, bed, etc. have to be purchased upfront. So do set a budget aside for these items. Things like sofa, tables or that painting you fancy can wait.

Document down

Keep a record of what you have planned. I wrote down all the items that we needed on Google Docs, free and simple to use. The good thing is you may also share with your spouse and update in real time. Do keep a record of – budget for renovation, budget for furnishings, items to purchase and contacts.

Search for an Interior Designer/Contractor

With the theme and budget in mind, you may start looking for IDs/contractors to get quotations and do an apple to apple comparison. Most importantly, meet up with them, talk to them, build the rapport to see if they deserve your business. Do a proper research online on their reputation and see if anyone else had reviewed their services. Do not engage companies that you are unsure of or not comfortable with.

Get a test loan

This is helpful only if you are getting a renovation loan. Before you commit to an ID/contractor, make sure you get the bank’s approval on your renovation amount. To do that, you will need to prepare – renovation loan application form, original quotation from the ID/contractor, payslip and HDB agreement to prove that you are the owner, and that’s it!

Hope the above helps with your home planning. Good luck! :)

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