Kissy Lips by Niu Nails

Did a new set of nails before I went to Perth! I guess quirky nails are out of the norm as I’ve received comments that the design is really unique! :)

The colors chosen are quite basic with pale pink, white, black, red and gold. Doodled with eyes, lips and polka dots, this design is quirky, simple but yet not too over the top. I like! :D

4-week old nails, still looking perfect! :)

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Niu Nails
Hougang Street 91

The Boiler

Louisiana Style Seafood at The Boiler

I love my crabs, lobsters, prawns, fish, everything seafood! When Carrie invited us for a tasting at The Boiler, I immediately said yes! :) The Louisiana-inspired restaurant is located within the industrial area of Tai Seng. The restaurant’s decor I believe, was inspired from the location and had a modern industrial feel to it. A gem in the estate, it’s definitely a great eatery option for executives who are working nearby, or even seafood lovers like me! :heart:

We had some drinks to start the meal with. Lime-Mint Freeze (S$5.90) and Beerita (S$11.90) are my favourite. Beerita is a mixture of margarita + beer, what an ingenious idea! We also had the Lemonade (S$4.90) and Beerjito (S$9.90) to quench our thirst. :)

Spam Fries (S$7.90), made from luncheon meat is oh-so-delicious. Never been a fan of luncheon meat but it was fried till extra crispy. We also had Sweet Potato Fries (S$6.90) to snack on.

We had a sampling platter of Bacon Shrimp with Hickory BBQ Sauce (S$11.90), Southern Chicks and Waffles with Maple Syrup (S$9.90) and Louisiana Spicy Mid Joint Wings (S$8.90). My favorite out of the 3 would be the mid joint wings, which was coated with a tangy and spicy sauce, extremely appetizing.

The Signature Half Lobsicle (S$15.90) and Fish & Chips (S$12.90) were nicely battered. I love the idea of the Lobsicle, which was created by the creative people of The Boiler where you can eat the lobster like a popsicle, hence the name!

Now here comes the highlight of the day! Packed in a bag, the seafood items were boiled and cooked in various sauces like The Works, Garlic Butter and Peppa’ Butter. You can even customize the level of the spiciness which comes in Mild, Medium and Ragin’ Hot! Would be perfect if they were slightly more spicy! :)

We had Boiler’s Bombdiggity Bag (S$139/4pax) cooked with The Works, which is a cajun sauce. There were clams, mussels, crabs, prawns, corn, sausages, just lots of seafood!

We tried Garlic Butter as well which had a milder taste but still aromatic and delicious.

The humongous Boston Lobster stole the limelight, with its bright red shells and juicy tender meat! The usual price was S$75 and they had a promotion going at S$49 per lobster, do call them to check if it’s still ongoing!

The meal ended with Chocolate Molten Lava Cake! :heart:

Seafood lovers, don’t miss out on The Boiler!

The Boiler
18 Howard Road
Novelty Bizcentre #01-06
Singapore 369585
Tel: (65) 6635 1285

P/S: Header image credit to The Boiler!

The Hunt for the Interior Design Firm Part 1

The search begins and we met up with our first preferred list of interior design firms. These firms have a strong portfolio of the concept that we wanted. We will be evaluating based on the popularity, reviews and reliability of each interior design firms to determine who to engage. That being said, first impression matters too!

Read about their good reviews but they take at least 2 weeks to response to emails. Haven’t been able to fix an appointment with them. Understand that they are a small team but that’s not an excuse to go MIA. Though some reviews mentioned that patiently waiting for them helps.

Verdict: Dropped. Don’t feel comfortable with them going MIA for well, more than a month? Nope.

Dexign & Deals Interior
A new start-up since May, I saw their portfolio on Facebook and like the industrial design they had advertised. Met up with the designer and he spoke pretty eloquently. He looked quite sincere as he had advised us not to do certain carpentry works to help us save costs. He also mentioned that they were busy with their office renovation and was supposed to get back to us.

Verdict: Dropped. 4 months and still waiting for their quotation, it seemed like they had totally vanished into thin air. The last I checked, they had changed their name to Dxign & Deals. I have a bad feeling about this firm.

Left a message to them via email and I find that they are quite pesky. I received more than 3 calls from them within an hour during office hours. Met up with the designer eventually to give her another chance. Their showroom looks minimalistic and some of the laminated samples that she showed me were already peeling off. The second meet up was fixed 2 weeks later with the quotation given, but it exceeded our budget by 30%! Though I was pleasantly surprised that a perspective of the living room was prepared for me to visualize the concept she had proposed.

Verdict: Shortlisted. They seemed quite sincere and went the extra mile but not many reviews about them. Meeting her again 2 weeks later as I told her to revise the quotation. Shall see how it goes.

Fuse Concept
Their portfolio is good and the response was fast, even though the designer speaks in a monotone haha. He was quite experienced with the comments given. The price quoted was on the high side and they charge GST.

Verdict: Shortlisted. Don’t mind shortlisting them even though they charge GST since they are pretty prompt and the designer is experienced. I also love his works which were featured in various magazines. But I personally feel that the designer doesn’t seemed to be very interested in getting our business. Oh well. Let’s see.

Space Sense Studio
This is one of my favorite design firms. Managed to fix an appointment with the designer after my work but as I will be late, I texted him about it. Little did I know that he had another appointment after mine and had to cancel it. I told him that he should have let me know earlier as I wouldn’t have wasted my time and rushed down since he only told me 30 mins before our appointment. I told him that I will fix another appointment after my trip to Perth and emailed him the moment I came back. Will be meeting him later part of this month.

Verdict: Shortlisted. Shall meet up with him first before deciding.

Three-D Conceptwerke
Managed to fix an appointment with them and visited their office, which was nicely decorated. The designer whom I was assigned to was very young but I think we clicked pretty well. She seemed very experienced and gave quite a lot of ideas. The portfolios that she showed me were pretty much the ones we are looking for.

Verdict: Shortlisted. The next meet up will be 2 weeks later with the quotation.

What a tedious process! The search continues.

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