Mar 31 2014

Maneki Neko Nails by Niu Nails

Did my CNY nails at Niu Nails again! Manicure is a must-do during CNY. Ladies make their appointments months in advance so that they can look pretty and presentable for the new year :)

There was a craze for fortune cat designs and I decided to get it too! Fortune cat (maneki-neko in Japanese) is a common Japanese figurine usually made of ceramic in modern times, which is often believed to bring good luck to the owner. Oddly, I won in blackjack when I had these nails. Not sure if it is a coincidence haha!

Drawing a black maneki-neko!

Black and white maneki-neko on the thumbs.

I chose a nude base color so that it will look natural when my nails grow out. The tip is colored with hot pink and gold strips to make it more outstanding.

A humble corner for services.

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Niu Nails
Hougang Street 91

Next few posts will be beauty related! :)

Mar 29 2014

My Experience at Updog Studio

It has been awhile since I updated on my progress of the yoga lessons with Updog Studio. Been extremely busy with work but yeah, I know it’s not an excuse. :P

BFF and I participated in the Yoga for Runners sometime back and we were looking forward to it. It seems an easy feat but it wasn’t. It was a back to back training that consists of running and yoga. Though strenous, we love every bit of the workshop cos it really pushed us to the limit. The instructor was patient though and even encouraged us to do better.

Mandatory maggi goreng meal and heart pose at every lesson. :)

So far, we have tried Hot 26, Hot Core and Hot Stretch classes. The great thing about yoga is that it relaxes your mind and improves your flexibility. Hot Core is my favorite out of the three as it helps to build up your core muscles.

Yoga is extremely fun when you do it with your best friend as you encourage each other to do better! It feels extremely shiok when we improve as we go and makes me less stressed after a hard day’s work.

Follow Updog Studio’s Facebook page to get more updates as they conduct workshops quite frequently.

Quote “Blogger Jacelyn” to get a free Updog Studio water bottle and an extra free class when you sign up for any classes.

Updog Studio
Big Splash
902 East Coast Parkway, Block B
Big Splash #02-05A
Singapore 449874

The Grandstand
200 Turf Club Road
The Grandstand #05-03/04
Singapore 287994

Can’t stand looking at my cui photos. Gonna get Olympus E-P3, soon I hope. Save save save! :)

Mar 18 2014

Erabrowlogy Redesign and Change by Erabelle

It has been a week since I did Erabrowlogy Redesign and Change at Erabelle. I have long heard about the Erabrowlogy service and was so excited to try it out when I was given the chance to. I did a thorough research on Erabelle and the reviews were extremely positive. My previous embroidery was done 3 years ago and it has faded off, except that there are traces of the ink still. I knew that it was time to give my brows a fresh look as I prefer having thicker and straighter brows now.

Having pretty and neat brows is important as it helps to frame the entire face. I have seen people who don’t really pay much attention to groom their brows properly. I am a perfectionist when it comes to shaping and drawing the brows and this process can take up to 5 mins. What if I can save this 5 mins to sleep longer? :P

The event was held at the Bugis branch. The interior looks feminine, cosy and whimsical. Every individual room is inspired by fairytales like Little Red Riding Hood, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella! Apart from embroidery services, Erabelle also provide a range of facials and some body services.

This is the foot bath area which is a mandatory, relaxing ritual for all facial or body service customers, to start their treatment sojourn.

Lots and lots and awards for their brow services!

So… what is Erabrowlogy?

Erabrowlogy is a holistic brow service with a pre-treatment step and boosted aftercare routine, to give beautiful and natural-looking brows that frame the face with enhanced color retention. The effect is expected to last from 2 to 3 years with the full course of package and of course, proper care. This service will lend color and depth to pale, faded or naturally sparse brows and can correct the shape and color of poorly-embroidered eyebrows.

Now, don’t be confused with Erabrowlogy and Erabrowlogy Redesign and Change. The latter applies to people who had eyebrow embroidery or tattoo before and would like the brow artist to assess their brows, and correct their brows to a suitable shape and color.

Nervous yet excited.

My ugly brows, looking extremely unsightly. A mask was applied onto my brow area to remove dead skin cells and excess sebum to prep the skin for the embroidery (Step 1). After which, the brow artist went through a thorough analysis of my face shape before designing a suitable brow design for me (Step 2). The artist looks at 5 different factors when designing brows:

- Length of eyebrows
- Thickness of eyebrows (according to factors like distance between the brows and eyes, size of eyes, size of face and body frame)
- Shape and tip of the brow arch
- Starting point of the brows must be light and natural-looking
- Ending point of the brows must be complete

I was given a patch test to ensure that my skin will not react negatively to the color pigments and numbing cream (Step 4). The brow artist had assured me that new micropen tips and color caps are used for every customer to ensure that strict hygiene standards are observed (Step 5). Numbing cream was applied onto my brows for about 15 mins (Step 6). Using specialized Softstroke technique and Erabelle’s micropen, colors are applied just below the epidermis of skin to enhance facial beauty, simulating the look of perfectly-drawn brows.

The process barely took an hour to finish. After the session, I was given the Browlogy Care Kit to soothe the area and treat it. The set consists of:
- Aftercare cream: This has to be applied every morning and night for at least 5 days of the colour-settling process.
- Hydra Cleansing Water: For ease of cleansing, Hydra Cleansing Water can be used with cotton pads to cleanse the face, avoiding the brow area.
- Skin Calming Mask: To counter discomfort and redness after the procedure, it is recommended to use this mask for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th nights after the procedure for a soothing effect.

Much thanks to my brow artist, Cecilia! :) This is not the final look as I would need to return to do a touch up and thicken the brows! Having the embroidery saved me lots of time while doing my makeup and I don’t have to worry about having naked brows if I am not made up.

Duration & Cost

Erabrowlogy 60mins/session – S$1,314
Consists of 4 colour services, with pre-treatments and Browlogy Care kits.

Erabrowlogy Redesign & Intensive Change 60mins/session – S$1,690.60
Consists of 5 colour services, with pre-treatments and Browlogy Care kits.
* this service applies to people who had eyebrow embroidery or tattoo before

Erabelle will be offering 20% Erabrowlogy discount voucher to 5 lucky readers! This is redeemable from 1 April – 30 June 2014. All you need to do is to answer this simple question.

“Why are you interested to do eyebrow embroidery?”

Submit your answer at the contact form in the following format:

Subject: Erabelle giveaway
Email address:
Last 5 characters of your I/C no. e.g. 1234J:

Winners will be selected on 26 March!

Erabelle is located at the following places:

200 Victoria Street
Bugis Junction #02-05
Singapore 188021
Tel: (65) 6883 1151

799 New Upper Changi Road
Bedok Point #03-27
Singapore 467351
Tel: (65) 6753 2322

103 Penang Road
Visioncrest Commercial #01-06 to 11
Singapore 238467
Tel: (65) 6836 8388

1 HarbourFront Walk
Vivocity #02-01/02
Singapore 098585
Tel: (65) 6376 8336