My Journey to Clear Skin with Dr Tyng Tan

Chemical Peeling by Dr Tyng Tan

I went back to Aesthetics and Hair Clinic again for a skin assessment and was advised by Dr Tan to do chemical peeling as I had bad breakouts on my cheeks and chin. Check out my horrible skin, it was horrendous! :(

Chemical peel is the process of applying a type of acidic solution to the skin, of course with the professional help of a dermatologist. This process allows the top most layer of the skin, likely to be damaged to peel off within the next few days. The skin will be regenerated to reveal fresh new skin.

My face was cleansed to prep for the treatment. I was told that I might experience slight discomfort during the treatment. I closed my eyes and I could feel Dr Tan applying the solution to my skin as I started to wiggle my nose due to the smell. Barely a minute, the treatment was over. It was that quick! :)

From my observation, it takes about a week before I see tiny scabs of dead skin peeling off. I do experience redness during the first day of the session but thereafter, it disappear gradually. I was advised not to use any scrubs during the healing and peeling process. No itchy fingers either as I should allow the skin to peel off naturally. During the first week, I was advised to apply the post treatment balm. Subsequently, to apply Retin A daily. Sunscreen is also must to protect the skin.

Most importantly, the scars I had from my breakouts lightened, A LOT. The red scars are almost gone, love my skin now! :) Can’t wait to visit the clinic again!

Aesthetic and Hair Clinic
391B Orchard Road
Ngee Ann City Tower B #08-04
Singapore 238873
Tel: (65) 6235 0010
Operating hours: Monday to Friday 9am-6pm, Saturday 9am-1pm

Getting the Keys

Sorry for the lack of updates! Was busy with the new house as we just collected our keys 3 weeks ago. We did the usual huat huat thingy after that. No major issues but we kept seeing new defects when the previous ones had been rectified zzz! Here is a list of essential items which we have checked during the inspection:


Check that all the keys are working for the doors, including letter box keys.

Homogeneous Tiles

I’ve heard many stories about tiles popping up after a few years. Check for hollow tiles by tapping each and every one of them, including wall tiles. Also check for scratches and cracks.

Windows & Doors

Check all the windows and doors to see that they can glide or open properly, especially the hinges. Also make sure that none of them are rusty.


Some of our neighbours encountered woodworms all over their skirting, yikes! In the end, the contractor changed for the entire estate’s. It was scary even thinking about it. If your skirting had tiny holes and wood remnants on the floor, most likely there are woodworms.

Water Pipes, Sinks and Toilets

The contractors might dump cement and rubbish into the pipes, which ours did! :x Open all the drainage and try to dig through all the pipes with your hands. Do lodge a complaint at the Building Service Centre (BSC) if they did.


Look for cracks and wet patches. We had a wet patch in our master bedroom wall near to the windows, which they probably didn’t do well with the water proofing. This is extremely important as you wouldn’t want to have water leakage in the house!

Other tips:
- Do not give your house keys to the contractor. Buy a bicycle lock and give them the number combination so that they can enter your house to do the repairs.
- Do not leave any valuables in the house.
- Leave some drinks for the contractors, you might score some brownie points for doing so and they will be more than happy to rectify the defects for you.

Ok, that’s all for now. Next, to confirm a contractor! Yup, we’ve decided to engage a contractor instead to save on the costs since we have an idea of designing the home. I don’t see why we should pay IDs that few thousands of dollars to copy ideas all around the internet. Renotalk is my favourite hideout now, I’ve been spending most of my time reading up on the T-blogs and reviews, which are extremely helpful! Tiring! :(

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Puffing Billy

Puffing Billy Steam Railway, Melbourne

One of the to go places in Melbourne would be the Puffing Billy, a century old steam train that runs from Belgrave, to Dandenong Ranges, and then Gembrook.

Going to Belgrave is easy and won’t take an hour via the metro train. We had a short nap before arriving at Belgrave! :)

The journey on Puffing Billy was extremely wonderful and nostalgic with beautiful scenery along the way. It was very relaxing while enjoying the breeze, greenery, waving at strangers, hearing the train whistle and taking lots of photos. Let the pictures do the talking! :)

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