Meh Meh & Watercolor Nails by Niu Nails

Having pretty nails makes me happy, getting it done at the place I love makes me even happier! :) I love how Serene from Niu Nails never fail to disappoint me with her skills to make my nails pretty with the designs I desire.

The set of Meh Meh nails I did during CNY! The sheep looks super adorable! :D

Watercolor Nails with shades of pink, blue, yellow and purple. A very sweet and delicate design that I can’t stop staring at!

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Niu Nails
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Benefits and Tips for Travelling Solo

Benefits and Tips for Travelling Solo

It has been 4 months since my last solo trip to Perth. It took me a lot of courage to decide to travel alone. I was considering between a few countries – Hong Kong, Taiwan and Australia but decided to choose Perth as I really love the Australian culture. The next thing I knew, I booked a flight immediately! Up till today, I am still having withdrawal symptoms haha! :D Here, I just wanna share some of the benefits and tips for travelling solo! :)


Experiencing freedom
The best thing about travelling alone is you get to do what you want. During my trip, I woke up as late as I wanted to. I visited places that I wanted to go and ate the food that I love. I love how I get to spend some me time or just chilling by the river alone and enjoying the breeze. I even went to the beach and sit for a few hours just to view the sunset and people watching. I felt great doing things alone without anyone judging or answering to anyone.

Meeting new people and discovering yourself
I went on a day tour and met other travelers from Australia, New York and even Norway. Being an introvert, I never knew that I can pick up the courage to strike up conversations with strangers and talk about anything under the sun. I even met a fellow Singaporean during the trip! It was really fun chatting with them and talking about our countries, our lives, everything.

Building confidence and courage
I relied mostly on myself to get around by looking at maps and navigating with my mobile phone. It’s not easy to navigate in a strange city alone and by overcoming this, you will feel more confident overcoming over other obstacles.

Sense of accomplishment
It’s amazing when you think back “Hey! I’ve traveled alone!” The feeling of this accomplishment is beyond description. I felt great walking and shopping on the streets of Perth, or perhaps just communicating with total strangers, ordering that cup of coffee from an indie cafe at Victoria Park, or even searching for Crawley Edge Boatshed I have been wanting to visit, and I did! You can’t buy that feeling and experience.


Plan your itinerary
Having proper research before your trip is essential. Granted that it is exciting to venture randomly, I personally do not wish to miss out on anything that I may regret after my trip. Book your accommodation in advance. I booked with Airbnb again, even though my experience in Melbourne was not ideal. Perhaps, it was the privacy needed with the hubby previously. My Airbnb experience in Perth was awesome. The owner is a Malaysian and her house was really accessible to most of the areas as the bus stop is just across the road. I had a room all to myself and the house was very well maintained. She had two adorable dogs and I would play with them when I returned to the apartment. We exchanged contacts and I told her that she may visit me if she comes to Singapore, I made a new friend! :)

Be street smart
I traveled around Perth with just a phone with me, plus a local SIM card. Google Maps is your best friend. I relied mostly on Transperth to plan my journey from Point A to B. Do not show your fear or look lost, else you will attract the wrong kind of attention. Seek help when needed but do judge properly before approaching anyone.

Budget your trip
I planned to keep my expenses within $1500 for the entire trip, including airfare, accommodation, transport, etc. I did my research and looked for coupons and deals from sites like CupoNation, where they are various discounts from Scoot, Agoda, Zuji, so on and so forth. That 20% saved can be used for your other expenses, why not right?

Remember, solo traveling is not scary. Throw away that fear and start exploring, you’ll be amazed by what you can achieve. Have fun! :)


Thank You Lee Kuan Yew

Even the sky is grieving at the loss of our founding father…

It has been a very gloomy week for Singaporeans. Our 1st Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew passed away on Monday, 23 March at age 91. I have been seeing lots of tributes online, his past videos, as well as the live telecast of his state funeral today. These really touched my heart, god knows how many times I have teared. I feel extremely fortunate to be born in the 80s, without having to worry about the war, live in slumps, or not having adequate food and water.

I thank him for his education legacy, we were taught to be bilingual and excel through our studies.
I thank him for his housing legacy, giving us a roof over our heads.
I thank him for his greenery legacy, where we can proudly say “Clean & Green Singapore”.
I thank him for his law and order legacy, women like us are able to return home late without any worries.
I thank him for everything, words can’t express how grateful I am.