Review: MORILINS – Organic Beauty Care

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I love to apply sheet masks while on the bed watching dramas and videos. MORILINS is an organic brand with a range of facial therapy and eye therapy masks. Their sheet masks cater to a wide range of skin types from normal to sensitive to mature and are rich in active botanical extracts and oceanic minerals.

The unique features of MORILINS masks are:

Diamond Plaid – Stretch Sheet
- Stretchable material for superior fit across facial contours regardless of size and shape
- Strong elasticity results in a “lifting” effect to the face once securely in place
- Highly absorbent property results in superior serum-retention to enable effective penetration into the skin

Phyto-Collagen – Natural Moisturizer and Protection
- Purely botanical origin and free of additives
- Protect and revitalize the skin by penetrating the epidermis layer to enhance elasticity
- Has a potent natural moisturizing factor with excellent skin protection properties

I got the Revitalizing & Replenishing Facial Therapy Mask and Firming & Revitalizing Eye Therapy Mask for review.

Revitalizing & Replenishing Facial Therapy Mask contains gingko, grapeseed and sodium hyaluronate. Gingko helps to protect the skin from free radicals and improves tissue irrigation, boosts collagen formation and activates cell metabolism. Grape Seed reduces free radical damage, diminishes fine lines, slows down wrinkle formation and protects collagen cells. It also moisturizes, tightens and tones.

Firming & Revitalizing Eye Therapy Mask contains Hydrocotyl to protect the skin from free-radicals and boost circulation and diminish fine lines, Kassou Ekisu that moisturizes the eye area and Gingko, Elderflower and Aloe Vera also for moisturizing benefits.

Alas, the sides of the mask are too short and length is too long to fit my face. =( But other than that, it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin and pretty much moisturize my face. It has a medicinal smell (or was it not?) which I hate, but still bearable.

LOL I look like Cyclops here. The masks were really soothing to the eyes, I like! Hmm, I think I need a nose job. :X

Both facial and eye masks retail at S$9.90 each. You can get them exclusively from Sasa stores and

Disclaimer: Products mentioned were provided to me for review consideration. I am not affiliated with any company and all opinions are my own.

One thought on “Review: MORILINS – Organic Beauty Care

  1. i always dislike putting masks over my eyes cos the essence will always seep in and irritate them. is that normal or is it just me? :sad:

    Jacelyn: Sometimes I experience it too except for gel masks, they are more gentle on the eyes. =)

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