Dim Sum Feast at Victor’s Kitchen

Happy 2013 everyone! How was your new year? Mine was spent at Hard Rock Hotel with the hubby’s friends. Wish we’ll have the chance to go back for a staycation. :) Here’s a food review to start off the year!

Victor’s Kitchen seemed to be highly raved for their affordable and delicious dim sum, so I brought the hubby for a dim sum feast a day after our wedding cos we were both craving for it for the longest time. Heck those carbs! :D We went there on a weekday during lunch time and it was SOOOOO crowded. There were impressive editorial articles plastered all over the glass panels raving about their authentic dim sum.

The ambience is pretty much like the cha chan tengs you can find in Hong Kong, with annoying aunties shouting Cantonese across the entire cafe. Very noisy but we just had to bear with it. -_-

Authentic Hong Kong Milk Tea (S$3)

The milk tea comes with a bowl of ice surrounding it. A pretty smart way without diluting the drink. The milk tea was sweet with a slight bitter aftertaste.

Victor’s King Prawn Dumplings (S$4.50)

Har gow is a must-order dish for me. The fat and juicy prawns are barely visible through the clear dumpling skin. Not fantastic but okay.

Queen Sized Siew Mai (S$4)

What’s a King without a Queen lol! To be honest, I don’t particularly fancy siew mais. A 2.5 crown for this.

Char Siew Cheong Fun (S$3.50)

Yummy and pretty comparable to the one from Wan Dou Sek at Geylang. The texture of the cheong fun is soft and smooth.

You Tiao Cheong Fun (S$3.50)

Scored 2 crowns for this. The you tiao doesn’t go very well with the cheong fun IMO.

Scallop, Sausage Carrot Cake with XO Sauce (S$4 + additional 50cts for the XO sauce)

Unlike the typical pan-fried carrot cake, this version is soft, mashy, smooth and is fully submerged in black sauce. The XO sauce complemented the dish but I can hardly taste any scallops or sausages. Still, it won my heart.

Golden Egg Yolk Lava Bun (S$4)

Their popular dish, a definitely must-try when you visit Victor’s Kitchen! The molten salted egg yolk oozes out and was bursting with flavor when you bite into the bun. There was a strong buttery taste and simply delish! I would definitely visit again just for this. Yums!

Victor’s Kitchen
91 Bencoolen Street
Sunshine Plaza #01-21
Singapore 189652

One thought on “Dim Sum Feast at Victor’s Kitchen

  1. celestina says:

    It would be great if you could indicate the price there for those items you guys ordered : )

    Jacelyn: Hi dear, have included the prices. Hope this helps! :)

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