Adv: Hair Trends for 2013

Ombre and dip dye hair colors are perhaps the hottest hair trend in 2012 and I expect this trend to stay in 2013. Here are some of the upcoming hair trends that I have predicted that will make you go WOW and you can get your hair done in these styles at hairdressers throughout Singapore.

#1 Pixie Crop/Short Hair Cuts

Emma Watson, Miley Cyrus, Keira Knightley and Anne Hathaway have been spotted rocking the pixie crop which gives a very edgy look. However, not everyone can rock this look. So do check with your stylist and get advices from them. My shortest hair length was a tomboy hairstyle many many years ago. Short bob is one of the hairstyles I would love to try if not for the fact that I still have to wait for 2 years to grow out my hair for the wedding. I can’t wait to snip off the tresses! It’s been bothering me the longest time ever.

#2 Braids/Twists

In my opinion, braided hairstyles are the cutest and prettiest ever. From fishtails to french braids to waterfall braids, there are lots of different braided hairstyles out there to spice up your look. Bad hair day? Fret not, simply braid or twist your hair to hide unruly tresses. It instantly gives a really chic and fashionable look. Add flowers, bows or a cute hairpin to enhance the hairstyle!

#3 Silver/Grey

Silver and grey hair reminds me of an old grandmother. However, I have seen some fashion bloggers with this hair color. You will be surprised that younger people are opting for this. Be it ombre, shimmery silver or matte grey, it gives a very edgy and sophiscated look. Rock it yo!

#4 Pastel/Crayon

My favoritest look ever. Check out Hyoyeon’s rainbow hair, MAJOR LOVE! From candy pinks to sky blues to lilac, pastel hair are extremely fun and cute looking. Celebrities have also been spotted with pastel hair colors on the red carpet. Colored hair seems to be a taboo in Singapore but nowadays, Singaporeans are more adventurous when experimenting with new hair colors. The crayon hair colors in the Kpop world are perhaps, one of the most influential ones.

#5 Ombre/Dip Dye

An extremely popular hair trend in 2012, it’s gonna stay in 2013. There are many ways to mix and match the colors to create the fading ombre effect and it may not necessary be in the same shade. Think blond with turquoise, brown with red or even purple with pink. Be adventurous and you will definitely find a style suitable for you.

#6 Curls/Waves

Curls, curls and more curls. Perms and curls give life to limp hair. You can pin, braid and plait curls to create a sleek and nice wavy look. The curls I would love to try is the Korean mool gyul waves. It is basically the same as beach waves which is more elegant and sweet looking. Korean ulzzangs usually have this hairstyle, I can’t wait to try them out myself!

Check out the hairstyle I did for my wedding. Did curls and told my MUA to tie a hair bow for me. I think it looks cute and special hehe! =)

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