The Body Shop Winter Trend Makeup Workshop

Event + Sponsored Review

Ching Yan from The Body Shop had invited me to their Winter Trend Makeup Workshop last November. I love attending workshops cos I usually get important beauty tips from the gurus and it really helps when I do my own beauty regime. It was a very informative event and we get to meet makeup guru Larry Yeo! He is super humorous and friendly and even gave us some tips! The event was held at Epilogue, a cafe inside prologue bookstore at ION Orchard where we were treated to dinner, mini macarons and Christmas cookies!

The table was filled with products for us to play with!

The workshop started with Larry doing a demo for Winter Trend for day and night look with both Smoky Copper and Smoky Moonstone palettes. Follow which, Larry became the model for the hand massage demo.

Here is a brief introduction on the products which were used during the workshop.

L to R: Smoky Copper and Smoky Moonstone Eyeshadow Palettes (S$39.90 each)

Which one is your favorite? My personal favorite would be the Smoky Copper! The shades of copper and coffee are extremely gorgeous. *thumbs up*

Dazzling Rocks in Golden Copper (S$32.90)

This beauty had all of us go gaga over it. The shimmery pearls helps to add 3D highlighting effect to brighten and contour areas of the face and even body.

Moonstone and Copper Brown Eye Definer Pencil (S$19.90 each)

Super impressed with the texture of the pencils! The formula is creamy and doesn’t smudge. I use Moonstone for the inner corner of my eyes and Copper Brown on the outer corner to make my eyes look softer and bigger.

Colourglide Shine in Rare Coral, Copper Mine, Rose Quartz and Ruby Sparkle (S$22.90 each)

These lipsticks are sheer, creamy and gives a subtle and beautiful shine to the lips. Copper Mine and Rose Quartz are my favorite shades! However, I don’t quite like the smell they emit.

The Sparkler in Dazzling Copper and Enchanting Gold (S$39.90 each)

The Sparkler is a limited edition atomiser that releases a shimmery powder to highlight the face, body and hair. It comes with a cute fabric squeeze bulb that reminds me of vintage perfume bottles!

The team at The Body Shop had specially created dishes that had incorporated their three themes – Vanilla, Cranberry and Ginger. We felt extremely pampered! <3

We were brought to the store at ION Orchard to take a look at their Christmas offerings. The entire store was so crowded with shoppers and bloggers that passersby started to stop and look lol! Typical Singaporeans.

Rainbow shelving! Pretty or what! <3

Check out the goodie bag that was given to us. We were dumbfounded when we received this pretty little basket that contains the entire holiday collection! :O Hope I can squeeze out more time to review, particularly the body products since I didn’t had the chance to introduce in this post. Anyway, thanks for reading! Will be back soon! =)

Disclosure: Products mentioned were provided to me for review consideration. I am not affiliated with any company and all opinions are my own. For more information, please check out my disclosure page.

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