Celebrate Chinese New Year with Azur Restaurant at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport

The thing I always look forward to during Chinese New Year is the FOOOOOD apart from the ang baos. Though I am no longer eligible to take ang baos anymore LOL! Feel very old when the kids call me auntie. x_x Ok I digress.

Carrie had invited BFF to Azur for their CNY buffet menu and she had brought the 3 of us along woohoo! Can’t say NO to food right? :P Azur is located at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport and is an all day dining concept built around two show kitchens with chefs presenting a lively multicultural theatre serving the best of the Eastern and Western international cuisines. Planning to do a staycation here and check out the awesome buffet spread soon! =)

“Three Treasures” Yusheng

My jaw literally dropped when I saw the ginormous lo hei the moment we stepped into the restaurant. I heard there were almost 5kg worth of ingredients in there! :O The chefs even nicely plated the Yusheng into the shape of a snake!

The three precious ingredients or “treasures” taking centre stage in Executive Sous-Chef Alvin Leong’s premium Yusheng are the Hokkigai Artic Surf Clam, Ginseng and Japanese Yuzu Dressing. Golden radish and carrots are tossed in a bed of Japanese pickled radish, pickled cucumber, wakame seaweed, sweet omelet strips, Chinese pickled mango, picked papaya, crunchy black fungus and BBQ bak kwa strips served with crispy deep fried wanton skins. This is a fusion of rich Japanese and Chinese flavors and elements for an exquisite Yusheng creation to bring great fortune. The “Three Treasures” Yusheng is priced at S$68+ and serves up to 8 pax.

If you prefer the traditional Yusheng with fresh slices of Norwegian salmon, golden radish, carrots, tangy pomelo and sweet plum sauce, go for the “Eternal Prosperity” Yusheng at S$48+ for 8 pax. You may create a heartier serving of Yusheng by opting to add additional portions of abalone, swordfish belly, etc. Both the “Three Treasures” Yusheng and “Eternal Prosperity” Yusheng are available for takeways from now till 24 Feb 2013 from Lobby Lounge. Each comes prepared and packed in an elegant takeaway box.

We had a hard time tossing the Yusheng cos it was SOOOOOO heavy! I particularly love the surf clams, swordfish belly and bak kwa strips. Not a fan of ginseng but the special dressing created by the chef was not bitter at all. Apart from the usual golden pillows, the crispy deep fried wanton skins added extra crunch to the Yusheng.

Savouring on the yummy Yusheng with a specially concocted mocktail called Rule 240 aka Bye Bye Dragon to welcome the year of the Snake. What an amusing name! :D

Prices for the Chinese New Year period:

Chinese New Year Eve Dinner (9 February 2013)
Adult: S$88.00++ Child: S$44.00++

Chinese New Year Day 1 & 2 Brunch (10 – 11 February 2013)
Adult: S$58.00++ Child: S$29.00++

Chinese New Year Day 1 & 2 Dinner (10 – 11 February 2013)
Adult: S$78.00++ Child: S$39.00++

Chinese New Year Weekday Lunch (12 – 15, 18 – 22 February 2013)
Adult: S$48.00++ Child: S$24.00++

Chinese New Year Weekday Dinner (12 – 15, 18 – 22 February 2013)
Adult: S$58.00++ Child: S$29.00++

Here are some highlights of the Chinese New Year menu:

Treasures of the Ocean Seafood Soup with Fish Maw, Dried Scallops and Crabmeat

If you are a seafood lover like me, you will love this thick broth with supreme ingredients which tastes like the regular shark’s fin soup. They were so generous with the ingredients and it was so delish that I couldn’t help but ask for a second helping. :P

Wok Fried Sea Prawns with Mixed Berries Infused with Margarine and Milk

A super sweet combination of fresh berries with sea prawns mixed with margarine and milk. People with a sweet tooth will love this dish.

Confit Salmon accompanied with Darjeeling Beurre Blanc

The salmon tasted really moist and soft but still able to maintain its firm texture. Topped with a pinch of caviar, this dish is oh so divine! Though the salmon is bland, the saltiness of the caviar and French butter sauce makes it really tasty.

Braised Sea Cucumber, Baby Abalone with Superior “Conpoy” Gravy

The sea cucumber and baby abalones were very tender and chewy, but the dried scallops were a tad tough to chew on. What a waste.

Fragrant Glutinous Rice with Pork Belly and Pork Lard

I was already very full by then and only had a bite of the pork belly. #fatdieme

Trio of Chinese New Year Pastries – Tempura Nian Kow, Lychee and Osmanthus Jello, Mandarin Orange Mousse

Who doesn’t love desserts? My favorite is the Tempura Nian Kow that is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Usually my mum would fry it with egg batter which tastes equally good!

At the end of the meal, I heard someone singing “Happy Birthday” and turned around to see the staff from Azur holding a birthday cake. I looked at BFF and thought that the surprise was for her cos our birthdays were pretty close together. It was quite an amusing sight hahaha! They had prepared their signature durian cake and it was soooo yummy!

Thank you my lovely ladies plus Carrie and the team from Azur for arranging the surprise for me! <3

To make a reservation at Azur, do call 6823 5354 or email azur@cpchangiairport.com
For Yusheng orders, do call Lobby Lounge at 6823 5367 or email crowneplazadining@cpchangiairport.com

75 Airport Boulevard, Singapore 819664
2F Crowne Plaza Hotel
Tel: (65) 6823 5354

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