Someone Stole My Blog Content

You know a blogger’s pet peeve is to get their content stolen and being used without crediting. We spend so much time on our blogs and exactly how much effort goes into a blog post, no one knows except ourselves. We had to take pictures, make sure the angles and lightings are perfect, do some color correcting and editing on Photoshop, host them somewhere before we can use it. Then we had to work on the blog posts and it can take up to days or even weeks to draft a post, considering that we hold a 9-5 full time job and still had to blog when we get home. Honestly, the time left for us to rest is really minimal.

Yes, going to events can be fun. We make lots of friends, share ideas, joke and laugh together. Hence, it makes me happy when my blog gets recognized by PRs, my family, friends, fellow bloggers and even my readers. However, taking materials from my blog without crediting is akin to stealing. It makes me disgusted, annoyed and disappointed at these people. Even when my own friends shared their pictures with me, I do credit their blogs as well. What’s so difficult about that? Just ask politely and you will get it.

So imagine my horror when I stumbled upon this blog.

Eh? This picture looks familiar. (Original here.)

This looks damn familiar too. (Original here.)

Hmm since when I had a twin?! We are even wearing the same ring! (Original here.)

Another picture showing my hand. (Original here.)

It’s only then I realized that my pictures had been used without crediting me. Worse still, they have been direct linked. Let’s not debate whether she was at the event, at least not that I know of. My original blog posts can be found here (Shu Uemura Tsuya Skin) and here (L’Oreal Youth Code Boosting Essence).

Now the question is…


- What are the creditability of these bloggers? Can their words be trusted?
- Will brands still engage them if they are found to plagiarize or steal content without crediting the original source?
- Why do these bloggers acted as if they had been invited to the event and steal other bloggers’ images? Ok even if they did, is it that hard to take their own pictures? Well, unless they weren’t even there in the first place.

Well, excuses or what? Writing a “disclaimer” and claiming that they are lazy, forgetful and careless is plain irresponsible. As a blogger, they should know that it’s common sense to at least credit the person who took the pictures or wrote the content. Lazy? Then don’t bother to be a blogger. The irony when you are not lazy to type 10 paragraphs but lazy to credit the original source. *roll eyes*

Well, a little bird told me some stuff about the said blogger but I guess I shan’t comment any further since I don’t even know her. I guess I will never know the mindset of these wannabes. But I hope these so called “bloggers” can practice some ethics and credit the original source if they had taken the content elsewhere. Learn to be responsible and mature. Fellow bloggers, please be more alert and check if you’ve been plagiarized too.

(Credit: Design Sponge)

Check out this cute image credit chart I found online. Hope this chart can help these lazy people in some way or another.

7 thoughts on “Someone Stole My Blog Content

  1. If she is lazy then she must not have start to blog. I understand you janice. I just starting blogging but before I started I did some research and one of that is using our own pictures or crediting the sources. You know you can sue her eventhou she has a disclaimer saying chu-chu-ba-chu-chu..

  2. It is indeed unethical to lift images and/or text without crediting. Why not send an email to the blogger and request proper crediting or removal of the pictures?

  3. I totally feel ya!
    I’ve ever experienced this in a Blogging Competition…
    Can ya believe it?
    Even in a competition, they copy content that i know that’s definitely copied because i was the first to take the initiative to find out certain details that only i could have known!
    But somehow these details magically appear on their blog after my blogpost was published! Anyway, great blogpost!
    This should at least warn these CopyCats / Plagiarizers!

  4. Yikes! To be plagiarized is a really nasty shock and I don’t understand why people would do that and think that no one else would notice? I’ve had my blog posts copied whole-sale before. Quite annoying. And I still don’t get why …

    BUT! Looking at it in a positive view Jacelyn, this means that you are a very popular blogger that people want to copy you ;)

  5. Wong says:

    That disclaimer is the most laughable one I’ve seen! Its as ridiculous as “I have a habit of sleeping around. Y’know, one night stand only no love involved. If you catch me with your husband sorry luh I just have this habit. Can’t help it born like that. Anyway we are best friends right?”
    SERIOUSLY. how old is she. How can someone calling blogging her profession be like that?!

  6. maisy says:

    i went her blog and hv to say her blog is more interesting than urs in general lei. but she should nt hv copied ur posts :|

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