I Went MAD at Modern Asian Diner

I first read about Modern Asian Diner (hereafter referred to as MAD) in some food articles and knew I had to go when BFF asked me along for a food tasting session! Thanks BFF! :D

“MAD represents the Modern Asian Diner, inspired by the alter ego of Singapore’s foremost musical mastermind – Dick Lee.

A quirky, multi-faceted and wickedly fresh and fun dining concept results from a diverse collaboration between TungLok Group, Dick Lee, Bar Stories and Top Wines. Equipped with a wine cellar and tasting room, an artisan bakery, a bar and a charcoal-powered Josper Oven, MAD serves a versatile mix of Asian and Western cuisine, adventurous cocktails, artisan breads and desserts, and exclusive wines, which are all assuredly of the highest quality.”

The seating capacity of the restaurant is huge – 42 on the 1st level and 131 on the 2nd level. The interior is extremely stylish and quirky-looking, no doubt it’s the style of Dick Lee. MAD brings the West and East together and you can expect stuff like foie gras and dim sum. There’s definitely something to cater to everyone.

They also have a retail gallery selling cute and quirky stuff. Love the huat kueh and retro popsicle that brings back lots of memories. :)

Let’s not keep you in suspense. Here are some of the dishes we have sampled!

Foie Gras Terrine

Rated 1 crown cos it’s just not my cup of tea. Am I the only one who don’t fancy foie gras? :x

Teriyaki Glazed Mushrooms with Cuttlefish Tagliatelle

One of my favorite dishes of the night. I was quite surprised that the cuttlefish can be cooked and presented that way. It has a firm and springy texture, very nice to chew on! A perfect combination with the nicely glazed mushrooms.

Deep Fried Beef Spring Roll and Flaky Radish & Ham Pastry

The crust of the pastries is light and not too greasy. The Deep Fried Beef Spring Roll scored more points with its flavorful beef bits. I don’t usually eat the normal spring rolls but this one was too yummy to resist.

Baby Back Ribs with Homemade BBQ Sauce

The ribs are so tender that they fell off the bones pretty easily. The BBQ sauce was average, nothing special about it.

Grilled Green Asparagus with Satay Sauce and Port Reduction

The asparagus was really crunchy and firm to the bite, but the satay sauce was too bland.

Pan-fried Seafood Gyoza in White Wine Cream Cheese Sauce

The gyozas are pan-fried before dousing in the creamy white wine cheese sauce, yummy and not too jelak.

Potato Bravas with Ali-oli Garlic Sauce

It’s my first time seeing such a dish and I simply can’t say no to potatoes! The texture of the potatoes is crispy, firm to the bite and matches perfectly with the creamy garlic sauce.

Mushroom Risotto with Poached Egg

This dish scored full marks for its presentation and taste. I wanna come again just to have this! The risotto was so flavorful with the mushrooms and topped with a poached egg. Heavenly!

Rum and Banana Tatin with Vanilla Ice Cream

Oh so sinful! The tatin crust is really light and cripsy. Who can resist desserts?

More desserts and mocktails to end the night! Thank you Modern Asian Diner and BFF for the invite! =)

Modern Asian Diner (MAD)
200 Turf Club Road
The Grandstand #01-20/21
Singapore 287994
Tel: (65) 6466 3303

One thought on “I Went MAD at Modern Asian Diner

  1. my friend actually bought MAD Macrons when he comes over for a house visit! they look really yums even though I’m not a fan of one.

    Jacelyn: never try? quite yummy but I guess it’s too inaccessible to buy from there haha!

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