Greedy Chimp

Greedy Chimp is the latest addition to the subscription boxes craze in Singapore, except that it offers snacks rather than beauty products! Julian from the team had personally delivered my first Greedy Chimp bag and explained to me the idea behind this. Kudos to the team to come up with such an ingenious idea! :)

My hella cute purple bag matching my purple wall! :D Extremely happy to receive a non-woven bag cos I collect all sorts of pretty non-woven bags to keep my stuff. Very auntie, I know hahaha! :D

March’s loot!

Loads and loads of snacks! I often find myself in a situation where I couldn’t decide what snacks to buy and ended up getting the ones I would usually eat. The Chocolate Spoon was a pleasant surprise, so does the rice sticks from Mamee. The Kiwa chips are a tad plain but crunchy to noms on. Overall, the snacks are okay but will be good to have more variety and unique ones.

Greedy Chimp comes with monthly and quarterly subscriptions at S$14.90 and S$44.70 respectively. Don’t forget to check out their website and Facebook page for more updates.

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