Zymogen Green Apple AHA Series

CotDe from Korea had approached me to do a review on their products as they are preparing to launch one of their brands Zymogen in Singapore. There are 4 main brands under their umbrella with different characteristics and concepts:

Zymogen – Fermentation
Ciracle – Cosmeceutical
O’Sum – Organic
Skin Vegetarian – Vegetation

The Zymogen brand revolves around Fermentation and Enzyme Cosmetics. In other words, components of Zymogen are clean, highly active for improving your skin which in turn provides anti-aging & whitening effects as well as being cosmeceutical that helps to treat pimple, acne scars and blemishes. I was given these products from their Green Apple AHA range. The following 5-step beauty regimen is widely used among Korean women:

Cleanse – Zymogen Green Apple AHA Wash Foam (S$25, 250ml)
Tone – Zymogen Green Apple AHA Toner (S$34, 105ml)
Emulsify – Zymogen Green Apple AHA Emulsion (S$34, 105ml)
Essence – Zymogen Green Apple AHA 10 Essence (S$39, 30ml)
Moisturize – Zymogen Green Apple AHA Cream (S$35, 50ml)

AHA stands for Alpha Hydroxyl Acid and is extracted from fruits with high content of acids like citric acid, lactic acid and glycolic acid. The acids are extremely helpful to synthesize collagen and elastin in the skin.

The Zymogen Green Apple AHA Wash Foam (S$25, 250ml) contains natural AHA and malic acid to help exfoliate the old dead skin cells gently and effectively. I use about one pump for my entire face, which is more than sufficient. The gel-like consistency provides a decent lather to gently remove sebum on my face. It doesn’t feel too dry on the skin and leaves my skin really soft and supple.

Zymogen Green Apple AHA Toner (S$34, 105ml) contains organic acids from fermented Korean famous “Yesan” apple extracts that helps to recover your skin’s texture to make it soft and smooth through eliminating old skin cells and rough skin texture. It also contains apple and licorice root extracts for pore control and thus, keeping the skin clean.

To be honest, I don’t have the habit of using emulsions. Similarly to the Toner, the Zymogen Green Apple AHA Emulsion (S$34, 105ml) contains “Yesan” apple and licorice extracts to purify and retain the elasticity of the skin. The lovely and subtle scent of green apples leaves a very refreshing and pleasant feeling on my face.

Zymogen Green Apple AHA 10 Essence (S$39, 30ml) comes with a dropper and contains over 10% of AHA. AHA stands for alpha hydroxy acid and it provides multiple benefits, including reducing wrinkles, fine lines and signs of aging, as well as improving skin texture, tone and unblocking and cleansing pores. Those with sensitive skin are encouraged to do a patch test before using it as the concentration of AHA is pretty high but still generally safe.

My favorite product from this range would be the Zymogen Green Apple AHA Cream (S$35, 50ml). The cream has a gel-like, silicone consistency and the texture feels slightly buttery. I had to constantly massage the cream before it gets absorbed into my skin, which feels silky smooth after application.

I have been experimenting with Korean products and so far, I love their formulas and they seem to be more suitable for my skin. Zymogen can be purchased from www.qoo10.sg/shop/ikoreamall. Check out these links to know more about Zymogen. Thanks for reading!


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