Goodies from CocoPiel

Hello! It has been an extremely busy month for me as I was switching in between jobs. Managed to settle down for now. Meanwhile, here are some of the goodies I got from one of my sponsors CocoPiel! You may read my previous review here. :)

Juliet Stone Blue

I really love the material of the necklace and it’s in one of my favorite colors – Baby Blue. The necklace is very versatile and can be paired with any clothings. I tried to match it with a white shirt and mint sweater and I really love the overall style.

Wonderland Star Earrings

Had difficulties wearing this pair of earrings and BFF had nicely adjusted it for me lol. I love how the tiny studs hang below the ears, don’t my ears look cute? :P

Da Vinci White Bangle

The bangle has really pretty indentations and has a chic-looking style. It is one of my staple accessories now! :)

Line Pearl Mint Hairband

This hairband has tiny little pearls around it and I think it will look extremely pretty when paired with a girly dress. :)

And lastly, a cute little pouch plus some mini studs. Thank you CocoPiel! :)

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