Bangkok: Epic Trip to Bangkok – Part 2

Read part 1 of the trip here! wink

Fidelis and I went for brekkie at Little Home Bakery which is located just 5 mins walk from our hotel. Their menu is in the form of a recipe book, how cute! :minnie9:

Finally had authentic phat thai! Darn good with lots of fresh lime! :drool2:

American brekkie. Bacon and eggs are da bomb! I don’t mind eating them everyday even if the fats might build up in my heart hahaha! :smileyhappy3:

Banana caramel waffle for dessert! Errr Fidel nearly wanted to order more but we couldn’t finish them all! :alamak:

Spotted the cute Etude House! Can I bring it home? :(:

Camwhoring on BKK streets! :jump:

Thai taco! Recommended by Fidel. It’s pretty nice but the cream is way too sweet. Only ate half of it. :shift:

We popped by MBK to search for iPhone and Blackberry cases. The GOLD ones damn chio lah!!! I wanna go back again to bling my phone! :smileyhappy3: You can customize your phone to any design you want! Darn cool! :thumbsup:

We walked quite a fair bit and got tired. So we headed back to the hotel via tuk tuk! Mad fun to sit on it! SHIOK! cool

Hair damn messy but still wanna look glam~ :tongue2:

We went back to the hotel to get dressed up for the countdown party at RCA! Clubbing was really fun in BKK. The music was awesome, people are friendly and no irritating guys will approach the ladies at all. Everyone just mind their own businesses there.

Haha we bought cute bunny ears to wear. I think we only got back to the hotel at 5am if I remember correctly. I was too tired to even bathe. :shutup:

Day 3, I woke up at 6am in the morning to puke. My stomach felt really queasy and my body was so weak that I stayed in the hotel the entire day. :sad3: I was so depressed that I nearly wanted to go to the hospital. Not sure if it’s hangover or what. Oh wells! :(:

Went to Chatuchak the next morning for shopping! The things are extremely cheap and you can keep bargaining. Wish I can bring back the entire market here. :tongue1:

Spotted this yummy coconut ice cream, very very refreshing and sweet! :drool1:

Ended the day with a foot massage before flying back to Singapore. I wanna go BKK again! I miss everything there. :(:

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