Ben + Jace 12.12.12 – DIY Items

It’s been more than 2 months since our solemnization. I reckon I need to write some entries as I have just received the photos and video. smile I love handmade stuff, so I decided to DIY some of the props to be used during the wedding. So here’s an entry on the stuff that I handmade myself. Sorry, but I realized I have forgotten to take pics of the process haha blur me! I found most of the tutorials online. If you would like to learn a tip or two, read on to find out more.

Invitation cards

Got my inspiration here and replicated it on Photoshop. I spent less than S$1 printing each card. To be honest I have no idea where to get the cheapest printing, so I just searched for the shop closest to where I stay. If I remember correctly, there are some printing shops near Sunshine Plaza since I used to get my stuff printed there when I was studying in NAFA. Also, I printed our initials, cut them out to look like mini buntings and tied them with twine to give the idea of “tying the knot.” Rounded corner cards look cuter, so I got BFF to help me buy the cutter and cut them one by one. After which, I placed them in envelopes and posted them out.

Inspirations & Tutorials
Invitation Card – Jen Simpson Design

Printing – Tampines Printing Services
Twine, rounded corner cutter – Popular Bookstore
Envelopes – FancyPapers

Fabric bouquet

I followed the tutorial here by Rock n Roll Bride to make the bouquet. The hardest part was to sew the felt roses. I had to print out the templates, cut them out, trace them on the felt cloth, cut them out again and sew them one by one. The whole process took me almost a month to finish the entire bouquet. It was so tedious that I almost gave up at one point, but I am glad I persisted! I added pearls to give the whole bouquet more dimension. After which, I bought fabric glue and glued the flowers one by one. I think it’s extremely creative of the creator to use a whisk for the stem! Unfortunately during the wedding, I had forgotten to hold the bouquet cos I was too busy entertaining my guests. -_- Oh wells. At least it look pretty enough to be captured on photos. Maybe I will use it again for my AD haha!

Inspirations & Tutorials
Felt roses – How Joyful
Fabric bouquet – Rock n Roll Bride

Scraps of wool, felt cloth, pearls – Spotlight
Whisk, fabric glue – Daiso
Twine – Popular Bookstore

Guestbook, Pens & Mini Photo Frames

I got the idea of the guestbook from Suzy Shoppe and pens from BridalWeddingHangars. Since my wedding is pastel themed, I decided to use pastel colored papers for the hearts. Not a bad choice I must say. It turned out quite pretty. smile I think most guests can’t be bothered to write on guestbooks, so I kept bugging my friends to write hahaha! For the pens, I bought a pack of 10 from Daiso and used the same ball of twine to wrap around the pen. This gives them a more vintage look. The couple pens were decorated with a bow tie and rose to differentiate between groom and bride. Cute huh? smile

Inspirations & Tutorials
Guestbook – Suzy Shoppe
Pens – BridalWeddingHangars
Bow tie – Paper & Stitch
Fabric rose – Prudent Baby

White frame – Ikea
Pastel colored papers, twine – Popular Bookstore
Pens, mini photo frames – Daiso
Ribbons – Spotlight

Ring pillow

I got my mum to sew the ring pillow for me and attached the flower hair clip on the top. At first, I wanted to do my own flower petals but decided to buy one and save the trouble. tongue Again, I didn’t use it cos we had no idea how to tie the rings on it! *facepalm*

Inspirations & Tutorials
Ring pillow – Handmade Flower Tutorials

Scraps of wool, felt cloth, lace ribbon – Spotlight
Flower hair clip – Diva

Photobooth props

I printed the photobooth props on art paper, cut them out and pasted them on large lollipop sticks. Another tedious task but I’m glad everyone had fun taking photos with them. smile

Inspirations & Tutorials
Photobooth props – Oh Happy Day
Chalkboard props – LittleForests

Printing – Tampines Printing Services
Lollipop sticks – Spotlight

Overall, the wedding was what I had envisioned. I am grateful for everything, the sponsorship of my nails from Play-Nails, the sponsored dessert table from I Love Candy Buffet, the help from everyone especially BFF and the presence of our family and friends to witness our wedding, so on and so forth. Even though it takes a lot of time to conceptualize the wedding and do the decor, it was worth the effort. smile Some of my guests didn’t even get to sit down but none of them complained or showed displeasure. It was a small affair and there was 100% attendance. Thank you all my friends, from the bottom of my heart. =)

Hope the above guide was helpful. Feel free to drop me a comment if you have any questions. Will share more photos in the next few entries. =)

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