Ben + Jace 12.12.12

We are almost done planning for our solemnization in December, hope everything can be confirmed by next month. It has been a very stressful and emotional period for me. We had a mini engagement shoot in July but I don’t think the photos came out fantastic. Quite a disappointment I must say. sad Oh wells! I’m gonna splurge on the wedding photo shoot no matter what. The recent wedding photographer saga scares me, I wouldn’t want that to happen to our wedding man! surprised

Then again, I have to thank the fiance for being so patient and putting up with my bridezilla antics. tongue He’s extremely supportive and left all the decision-making to me as he knows that I’ve always wanted a themed wedding. To put it bluntly, he’s pushing all the shit to me hahaha! tongue

Even so, he would say “As long as you are happy, I am fine with anything.” ♥ ♥ ♥

Venue: Tentatively booked and almost confirmed. Will be inviting immediate family members and close friends. I hope our friends won’t kill us for the location of the venue, cos it’s pretty inaccessible BUT it’s gonna be a fun affair! tongue I will be doing some minor DIY stuff as the owner will be providing the food and do up the theme styling. She’s a very talented and nice lady, I have to thank her for accommodating to my requests. =) Settled for a super awesome date and more detailed wedding theme – Vintage Carnival! bigsmile

Photographer: Confirmed.

Videographer: Shortlisted two VG but it’s still out of our budget. =(

Makeup artist: Tentatively booked.

Printer: For poster printing. Have also prepared an unofficial Save the Date invite but not sure if I should still send out the physical invitations?

Dessert table: In the midst of discussion.

Baker: Looking to get a bunting wedding cake and/or cotton candy cupcakes.

Attire: Bought a very pretty mini tutu gown from Taobao and the quality is fantastic! I just need to do some altering and enhance the design. Looking for an outfit for the silly groom plus other accessories for him like suspenders and bow tie! Then again, I need to look for suitable accessories and shoes too. Headache!

Justice of Peace: Considering the famous Dr Phua as I love his fatherly image and he’s super witty. Pray that he’s able to make it. I’ve emailed him twice but he says it’s still too early. sad Lol kiasu. angry

Wedding bands: Custom made a ring jacket for my engagement ring at Benny’s Gems. Wanted a half eternity at first but the owner recommended a ring jacket which is pretty unique I must say! smile

Staycation: Looking to book a hotel to do my makeup prior to the ceremony. Contemplating between Wanderlust & Klapsons.

Mini honeymoon: We were deciding between Taiwan, Korea or Australia. I wanna go for sky diving in Australia though hohoho! Hope laoniang’s heart can take it if it ever happens. tongue Will probably take our wedding photos too if we were to go Taiwan.

Hope I can get more recommendations for the following:

Makeup artist
Justice of Peace

Do let me know if you have any to recommend, I am having a huge headache selecting them. If any wedding sponsors are keen, we’ll be extremely glad too! You may contact me here for further discussion. =)

I’ve been increasing my facial appointments to look my very best on my big day and I wanna sign up for a spa and body package too, ableit too late. Looking at Refresh Bodyworks as recommended by a friend. Let me know if you have others to recommend hehe! smile

P/S: This post is inspired by BFF! smile

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