B&J Wedding: Dumarks Productions – Wedding Day Snippets

It has been 1 week since our wedding! The hubby and I were like FINALLY! smile The wedding was the most stressful ever and we are glad that everything is finally over! bigsmile We can finally spend our savings on other things hahaha! tongue

Dumarks Productions had sent 3 videographers to assist us. We were like the stars of the day. The team was extremely passionate in their work and had made sure that every moment is captured for memories.

This was taken during the gatecrash.

My parents putting the veil on me. smile

I looked as if I am being interviewed. tongue

Capturing the process of making the food for gatecrash.

Arrival at the groom’s place.

Leaving the groom’s place.

We had already seen the video and it was so nicely done, which I will be sharing more in the next post. My brother was saying “I didn’t know mum’s house can be captured till so nicely in the video.” Well I do agree with that. bigsmile

Till the next wedding post! heart

Dumarks Productions

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