B&J Wedding: My Wedding Vow and Speech

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At first, I was thinking of doing a unique first march in. Wanted to sing 今天你要嫁给我 and change the names in the lyrics but the hubby was too shy to do so lol! bigsmile Anyway, I always believe that personalized vows and wedding speeches are the best. I thought perhaps it would be good to share my wedding vow and speech here so that I can read them back again. I couldn’t remember my wedding vow which was made 5 years ago but my friends were telling me that I was rolling my eyes when I mentioned the hubby’s mahjong sessions, thank god I managed to save it somewhere. tongue

Wedding Vow in 2012

Dear Benjamin,

I feel extremely fortunate and blissful to be standing here in this moment with you. You came into my life 5 years ago and totally changed my world and filled it with joy and happiness. They say when love is real, it never fades away. It just keeps stronger with time. That is the way I feel when I am with you.

I love your single eyelids, your smile, your nonsensical jokes and your ability to make me smile even when I am fuming mad.

I love that you have a ridiculous amount of patience and love for others and me, even though I am short tempered at times.

And most of all, I love that in you, I have found my perfect match.

I couldn’t be more happy to call you my constant friend, my faithful partner, my soulmate, my family, my husband and my eternal love. So today, in front of our family and friends, I make this vow to you. I promise to walk hand in hand with you through this journey, even when our hands have turned ugly and wrinkly.

I promise to support you in your goals, interests and passions, from your weekly mahjong sessions to the soccer matches with your buddies, up to and including your yearly trips to the casinos, but of course, you have to fork out your own money.

I promise to trust and respect you, to cherish our union as husband and wife.
I promise to comfort and encourage you, and to hug you often, but not before you shower.
I promise to take you seriously when you need to be taken seriously, and to laugh with you the rest of the time, because everything is funnier with you by my side.

I promise to take care of you when you are injured, ill or upset, or just when you forget to take care of yourself.

I promise to stand beside you through the good and the bad. And I promise to love you for the rest of my life. With this vow, I give you my hand, my whole heart and my true love. I love you.

Wedding Speech in 2017

Hi everyone. Thank you for joining Benjamin and I on our very special day. Pardon me but I will be speaking in a mix of English and Mandarin so that I can convey it to the right people.


很可惜我没有机会认识康雄的爸爸。但是从他们一家人的言语中,我能了解到他是一个很伟大的父亲。希望他在天之灵能看到这一刻,并且祝福和保佑我们。Mother, 大姐,二姐,你们放心,我会好好地照顾你们的 Ah Fat,煮好吃的东西吧他养的更胖。

As I was brought up in a typical Asian family, we are not the kind to say I love you all the time. But my parents would show their love to me through unspoken means. For my dad, he would never fail to wake up early in the morning to make a cup of hot milo for me, even when I have started working.


To my brother Daniel, I may not be a good sister at times but I hope you know that I’m proud to be your sister. I look forward to your wedding in October.

I would also like to thank the following people for making today possible – Steve & Esther from Eternal Pixels and WithMinn for the prewedding video and photos, Fidelis from TheLuckiestChick Hair and Makeup Artistry for her awesome makeup skills, Dumarks Productions and Raijen Photography for helping us out with today’s videos and photos. Last but not least, our lovely brothers and sisters who had assisted us in every way possible.

To my dear husband Benjamin. Even though you really hated durian, thank you for trying your best to eat it during the gatecrash. Today is the beginning of a new journey. From now on, we will always have each other through the good and bad times.

Lastly, Happy Father’s Day in advance to all the daddies out there, especially to my dad. Thank you and we hope that you will enjoy the rest of the day.

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