B&J Wedding: The Planning

It’s already January and we have yet to finalize a lot of things for our wedding in June. It has been crazy for the past few months due to work, personal issues and whatnot. It’s totally unlike my character to procrastinate lol! If only we can skip this totally, but I know we can’t. sad

I gave a lot of thoughts whether to have a theme or not. There are so many out there and what makes ours special? I plan to DIY some of the stuff but that needs time too. After much deliberation, geometric seemed to be the most ideal and easiest of all.

Below are the items still pending. If you are keen to collaborate, drop me a note here. smile

Chinese Ceremony

  • Wedding Gift/Guo Da Li shops
  • Wedding Cakes/Xi Bing shops
  • Custom-made cheongsam

For the Family

  • Gowns for the mums

For the Brothers and Sisters

  • Bridesmaid dresses
  • Groomsmen attire


  • Florist (for my bouquet)
  • Wedding Car
  • Photobooth
  • Dessert table/mobile coffee
  • Emcee

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