What Have I Been Busy With

Almost collecting some webs here hehe! tongue Here’s what I have been busy with.


As usual. Busy all year round. It’s gonna get busier for the next couple of years. sad

Wedding Banquet

Thought we could do away with it since it has been 4 years after our ROM but I guess not. sad Currently sourcing around for a venue plus looking around for vendors. Drop me a mail if you are keen to collaborate.

Pokemon Go

Yeah yeah. Started getting hooked on it these couple of days. Everyone’s on it. I’ll take it as a form of exercise haha! bigsmile

Taking a break from social world for awhile, a much needed one. I’ll be back soon. smile

My Plans for 2016

This came late but better than never eh? Hehe! I’ve been extremely busy especially with the new house and we are slowly trying to adjust to the new environment. Traveling time to work has increased till 1 hr 30 mins, quite torturing haha! bigsmile

2015 has been awesome, minus the stress I get. I had a great start to 2016 and I feel very blessed to be recognized for the hard work I’ve put in. Gonna work much harder from now on. smile

Today, I am celebrating my 31st birthday. As they say, age is just a number and I do agree. While I can’t turn back time, I can and have the power to change my life for the better. smile

Stop procrastinating

I have postponed many of my plans for the longest time ever. Hopefully I’ll be able to kickstart them soon. For a start, I’m gonna practice western calligraphy so that I can design some of the display stuff for the house.

Start swimming and continue with my fitness regime

I finally visited a spine specialist and unfounded my doubts on a possible spine fracture. Phew thank god! The doctor had advised me to swim as it will help to strengthen my back. And also given that we might hold our customary wedding this year, I have to start my fitness regime to lose some weight and be healthier. Just have to eat everything in moderation from now on.

Be more positive

Easy to say, hard to achieve. I will and I have to. Whatever has happened will not change history and I just have to take everything in stride. smile

Say goodbye to negativity

I may not have shared before but I have stop contacting some friends who are extremely negative. My life is so much better without them which I would rather focus on people who truly cares about me. If you are a negative person, you might not hear from me again. tongue

Be more connected

And that means ditching away the phone during gatherings, meals, etc. Nowadays I find it annoying that I had to face people who are constantly on their phones. Once in awhile is fine, but not all the time. Strange that this comes from a blogger eh? Haha. And also, to spend more time with family and friends.

Travel more

I hope. To see the world while I am still young and able. To earn more money and retire to travel the world hehe! smile

Do the things that I love

Shall continue with stuff like crafting, cooking, baking, etc. to keep myself busy. I need more skills to improve myself. smile

Meanwhile, do follow me on Dayre as I update there pretty often these days. Will be back soon! heart