Sudio Sweden: Exquisite & Fashionable Earphones

Music has always been a part of my life. I remember that when I was younger, I would scribble lyrics on my tiny notebook and listen to the radio all day. Those were the days where I would record my favorite songs on the cassette tape and repeatedly replay them on the player. When I was in secondary school, my music journey continued and I joined the band and participated in many SYF competitions. These are truly fond memories that I’ll never forget. heart

VASA BLA ($165) is the new top-of-the-line wireless earphones that looks chic and fashionable with its high quality rose gold and matte finishing. Being an avid music lover, having good quality earphones is important as it allows me to enjoy music to the fullest.

I am extremely impressed with the sound quality even during bus rides. The crisp clarity isolates all kinds of external noises and you will be able to hear every single instrument and bass of the music clearly.

Black is the one that I had chosen, which also comes in white, pink and blue.

The packaging comes with the earphones, an exquisite leather pouch, manual, quality assurance card, charging cable and a metal clip. With a full–feature 3-button remote and mic, it is compatible with Android and iOS and is connected via Bluetooth.

The set also comes with 4 pairs of sleeves with different sizes, which is extremely useful to me as I’ve always had difficulty finding the right size to fit my tiny ears. This is truly god sent cos the tiniest sleeve fits me to a T. bigsmile

From now till 31 July 31 August, Sudio Sweden will be giving away 200 summer tote bags to customers with every online purchase and a 15% discount with the promo code “LOVESUMMER“, on top of their usual free shipping and 20% tax rebate!

If you are looking for a hassle-free set of wireless earphones, Sudio Sweden is definitely your best choice. smile

Sudio Sweden

Femme De Pivot

Femme De Pivot is the expression of “Art of Living”, the pursuit of beautiful life.”

I recently switched from an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy S4 and was searching for pretty casings when Elaine introduced Femme De Pivot to me. The pretty package comes in a brown paper box which is sealed nicely and the casings were protected with shredded paper. How thoughtful of them! smile

Check out the adorable casings! The packaging is to die for with pretty prints of flowers, laces and polka dots! bigsmile

Righteousness (USD23.00) from Beautiful Life collection.

Charming Lady (USD23.00) from Shining Romance collection.

I am extremely impressed by the quality of the casings. They are made from ABS material which provides protection to the phone and fits so perfectly with its exquisite craftsmanship. I can put on the casing and remove it with ease. The buttons and ports are easily accessed too. The lovely engraved patterns give a very girly and elegant feel. Each casing also comes with a transparent screen protector.

In addition, Femme De Pivot has their own app on Google Play where you could download pretty wallpapers to match with the casings. There are animated and still wallpapers for download and you may also send love messages and love cards!

Check out this flash sale they are offering till tomorrow, 28 June 2013! Remember to key in the coupon code femme3bb before checking out and you will get 30% off from your purchases!

Femme De Pivot