Chemical Peeling by Dr Tyng Tan

I went back to Aesthetics and Hair Clinic again for a skin assessment and was advised by Dr Tan to do chemical peeling as I had bad breakouts on my cheeks and chin. Check out my horrible skin, it was horrendous! sad

Chemical peel is the process of applying a type of acidic solution to the skin, of course with the professional help of a dermatologist. This process allows the top most layer of the skin, likely to be damaged to peel off within the next few days. The skin will be regenerated to reveal fresh new skin.

My face was cleansed to prep for the treatment. I was told that I might experience slight discomfort during the treatment. I closed my eyes and I could feel Dr Tan applying the solution to my skin as I started to wiggle my nose due to the smell. Barely a minute, the treatment was over. It was that quick! smile

From my observation, it takes about a week before I see tiny scabs of dead skin peeling off. I do experience redness during the first day of the session but thereafter, it disappear gradually. I was advised not to use any scrubs during the healing and peeling process. No itchy fingers either as I should allow the skin to peel off naturally. During the first week, I was advised to apply the post treatment balm. Subsequently, to apply Retin A daily. Sunscreen is also must to protect the skin.

Most importantly, the scars I had from my breakouts lightened, A LOT. The red scars are almost gone, love my skin now! smile Can’t wait to visit the clinic again!

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