Girly Staycation – Dinner, Party & Hangover

It took us a couple of hours to do the makeover. We don’t even have the time to style our hair! :(:

Camwhored with Esther and Nadia before heading out for dinner!

Had our dinner at Quincy, quite disappointing though. :sad3:

Cream of broccoli. Don’t really like broccoli. :shutup:

Mediocre steak, nothing special.

Clam linguine, not bad. But the clams are simply too tiny.

Erh?! :rolleyes:

We headed back to the room and got ready for clubbing at Zirca! :jump:

Wearing a toga dress from thevelvetdolls. :marie5: Bought this dress a long time ago. Pretty right! wink

Camwhore! :tongue1:

Unwrapping the early Xmas gift that Esther had given us! So sweet of her! :kitty11:

OFF TO ZIRCA! :doraemon5:

With Sabrina, Fidelis and Nadia. Too bad Esther couldn’t come. :(:

The bunch of us started acting all crazy in the club. Ok, I’m probably the only one. :tongue2:

We clubbed till 4am the next day and even went to Lau Pa Sat for supper. :shocked3: Quite surprised that I managed to endure till that time. Usually I would concuss around 1am already. We only got back to the hotel at 5am. I even went to soak myself in the bathtub before dragging myself to bed. Lol! :laugh:

The next day, all of us had hangovers and refused to get out of bed. :smileyhappy3:

Our sleepwears are sponsored by Les Affaires. Very very comfy! :thumbsup:

We ended the staycation with pillow fights. Looking forward to more staycations with the girls! :love4: