Harris Resort Batam

The life in Singapore gets too stressful and forced me to lug my Victoria’s Secret bag to a nearby island secretly :ninja: I had to siam my boss’s constant complaining for not bringing him along :doh:

Guess where I escaped to? hmm

Now, can you guess it? :joy:

Day 1

It’s Harris Resort @ Batam! My second visit to this island :wiggle:

I had to run faster than a F1 racing car to grab a seat on the bus before we landed on the resort safely :no: Hur hur, typical kiasu Singaporean. Oops! :blush:

We were welcomed by a unique dance in tuned with a catchy song wink

Three little pigs on a king-sized bed bigsmile

VOTE FOR EARTH! Have you? =)

Neighbour and I couldn’t resist taking a photo at the tiny balcony :blush: My bloody black hair roots are sticking out, bah! :angry:

The staff had to pry open the door to connect the room. How safe :doh:

If only these were in pounds! I can retire early! :hehe:

We dragged our tired torsos to the nearby hut for a 3-hour spa :wiggle:

Treatment in progress. No peeping! wink

Being treated like queens! :bubbles:

The next scene will be censored bigsmile

Can you imagine this is how it looks like when you peer from the inside?! Neighbour and I were so paranoid that we couldn’t stop thinking some tiko pek is peeping at us from outside! And we were like partially naked! shocked Furthermore, the two ladies at the next hut were talking so loudly amongst themselves :argh: How unethical :shift: Noisy construction nearby too. Bad location :doh:

SHIOKNESS! lol But look at that yellowish stain. EWW :bored: Wonder what the previous patrons did inside :secret:

Feel the urge to jump into the tub now? bigsmile Soaking in the foam and sipping a cuppa ginger tea WOO~~ woot The ginger tea is really refreshing, but too bad we couldn’t find it at the supermarkets sad

And the rattan hut came crashing down after our spa :doh: So who’s the wolf?

Shisha! Addictive like cigarettes. Try at your own risk tongue

Our complimentary lunch at the cafe. Passable! wink

Group photo :erm:

Five of us managed to squeeze into a cab. The driver was kind enough even though there may be a risk that the police may refused and chase us down the cab. Thankfully, nothing happened :disbelief:

Look familiar? :no:

A&W! Why the hell it closed down in Singapore? Blah! wth

SEDAAAAP! tongue I know the red blob is irritating. But not as irritating as the person behind it :shift: Just pretend it’s not there bigsmile

Nagoya Mall!

Loads of stuff ranging from soft toys to football merchandise! But some are not really authentic at all :shift:

Hello Kitty Mahjong! I nearly stole it back tongue But didn’t want to add a criminal record so I ran back to the resort.

Day 2

Day 2, we went for a day tour at another mall wink

I can’t imagine what will happen if some joker poke a needle into this. The whole mall would be flooded with oil :disbelief:

Can you believe this?! We have to weigh the towel before purchasing it. You mean the same size of towel weigh differently? :disbelief: I don’t get it, seriously.

And being wrapped up like the veggies found in NTUC :doh:

I like this! Cute and gone in one gulp! bigsmile

Our whole trolley of loots, plus more! lol

My loots! Just in time to stock up on my mandi lulur and tidbits. Couldn’t get more cos my arms weren’t well trained to carry heavy stuff bigsmile I need gym sessions!

Donuts! I had to buy them as they were cheap :rock:

As I am writing this entry, I am feeling the urge to go on a short getaway again! omg ARGHH!! :disbelief: