Hong Kong: Harbour City, Ocean Park, Central

The lovely weather and scenery is such a bliss. :flower5: But shortly after, it started to drizzle. Quite romantic eh haha. :love1:

Seems like boss is still in sleeping mode. :blank:

My fat face. Blah! :damnit:

Boss’s big head. WHAHHAHHA! :laugh: Hope it didn’t scare you. :tongue2:

The reason why we are at Harbour City – New York Fries! Awfully sinful but absolutely delicious! :love1: The generous portions of mayo and bacon made us drool. :drool2:

Can somebody franchise this? I can be the ambassador! :smileyhappy3:

Up next, Ocean Park! Kinda regretted going there, we should have planned to go Disneyland. :(: Oh wells, probably next time. Macau + Disneyland! :tongue1:

The never-ending escalator. :confused:

While waiting to reach the top, camwhore time! :love3:

Silly boss heh heh! :dance1:

Acting cute! :evilgrin:

One of the attractions, boring. :blah:

So camwhore again! HEE! :tongue2:

We went for the dolphin sea lion show but it kept raining non-stop! And sadly, we didn’t get our seats! :(: Not only that, those PRCs were pushing and yelling throughout the entire show. This woman even used her wet umbrella and shove it onto Boss’s newly bought H&M bermudas. He got really pissed and scolded her, macho! :shocked1:

After the show, we managed to squeeze through the crowd and proceeded to our next destination.

Couldn’t resist this. Bagus! :thumbsup:

Back to Central!

Coach! No money to buy leh. :(:

H&M! Bought a few apparels there and the entire boutique is awesome! Too bad they disallow photo-taking. :blah: Can someone bring this brand to Singapore too? :love3:

Walked down a few streets and spotted Tsui Wah Restaurant, recommended by my secret manual address book! Hee hee. :wink1:

The interior of the restaurant. smile

My dinner. It may look bland but the huge fishballs are delicious! :jump:

Boss had crispy noodles. Love the tao geh! :tongue2:

Sauteed chicken wings. Too salty! Haha.

Their best selling condensed milk butter bun. It’s truly amazing that such a simple food can be that delicious! The bun is drizzled with condensed milk, spread with butter and toasted to perfection. The moment we sink our teeth into the bun, it melted in our mouths! It’s really moist on the inside and crispy on the outside. *drools* :drool2:

We even dabaoed one more back for supper, though we are extremely bloated already. :tongue2:

Even though we are on the verge of puking, we knew we had to try this out the moment we saw it. Guess what? Bird’s nest egg tart! Atas anot? :laugh:

TMD this taste like shit. The mango is too sour. :(:

Papaya with white fungus. Good for the skin! :thumbsup:

At last, I found Chan Yee Jai! :jump:

Their signature bird’s nest cake. Very fluffy and light. Yums! :drool1:

Spot the bird’s nest! :smileyhappy3:

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