Hong Kong: Kowloon

The plan for this trip came when I won two nights stay via Wotif’s Christmas promo. Boss has been telling me that he die die also wanna go Hong Kong and I had to push back my plans for Taiwan. :angry: But since he’s paying for the air tickets, why not? :smileyhappy3:

Unfortunately, this mafan guy gave me more problems. He’s unable to take more than 3 days of leave and have to travel on Vesak Day. I have no choice but to book Tiger Airways, which is damn shitty. Major sian. :rant:

One of the worst airlines ever, I called their customer service hotline on that very morning to ensure that our flight doesn’t delay. Guess what happened? The flight details printed on the booking confirmation was WRONG! :angry:

The correct flight should be TR2964/TR2965 and not TR2924/TR2925. I explained to the lady over the phone that it’s being printed as TR2924 on my paper. She told me that it’s impossible. I asked her if she’s telling me that either I am BLIND or I can’t read numbers. She still insisted that it’s impossible and all along, the flight is TR2964/TR2965. :blank:

Nevermind, I gave up arguing with this bitch. :disgust: No wonder they have a “fan page” dedicated to them. :blah:

Just when you thought that my problems with Tiger Airways ended here, you are wrong. When I was about to unpack, I realized that someone had changed/reset the security pin on my luggage! :rant: I had no idea who did such an unscrupulous act but I presume that someone must have tried to pry open my luggage. :angry:

Wanna go on Tiger Airways? Think twice. :blank:

Hokay, enough about ranting. :shutup:

We had lunch at T2 and boss happily hogged my iPhone. :blah:

Camwhore while waiting for our flight at Budget Terminal. They used to have tons of cockroaches roaming around the terminal, thank god they ain’t there anymore. :bow:

Cheapo looking terminal. :blah:

Took a second look at our flight details.

And then, we boarded the plane.

Super uncomfy seats. I had backache after I alighted from the plane. :sad3:

Don’t know which woman left her period stains here. Ewww! :shocked2:

We managed to survive in the shitty plane and arrived in Hong Kong! :happy2:

Took a cab to our hotel which cost us SGD50+. :blah:

Our hotel! :dance2:

Architects designed this hotel with an optical illusion. Amazing isn’t it? :wink1: We then proceeded to our room, feeling all excited. :dance1:

Plushy bed! Mad happy! :love3:

Dining area.

Mini kitchen.

Awesome plasma.

Full length mirror. Great for vain people like me! :laugh:

Day bed. Shiok! :love1:

Got microwave oven somemore! wink

The most important item – BATHTUB! :lovebear1:

Spanking clean bathroom! :minnie9:

Splendid view just across our room.

After unpacking, we headed out in search of food and I spotted this cute-looking dog. Nearly kidnapped it back to Singapore. :laugh:

They even brought their dogs to 7-11! :shocked1:

We found this cha chan teng nearby and settled for dinner. :eat:

Wanton noodle shop.

The wontons were extremely succulent! HEE HEE! :tongue2:

We strolled around the area and headed back to snuggle in bed and soak ourselves in the bathtub. SHIOK! :thumbsup:

Stay tuned for Day 2! :love4:

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  1. Thanks Jacelyn for the post!
    is there a monorail service to bring you to budget terminal from T2?

  2. rinaz: Ah, I guess SG is more stringent in this. :smileyhappy3:
    Cheryl: Yes, just look out for the sign that says “bus to budget terminal”. It’s a bus service, not monorail.

  3. hi jacelyn and cheryl,

    i didnt know there’s a bus to t3/budget terminal. but i do remember taking a monorail/LRT-like to T3 to eat popeyes with my friends.

    I exited from Changi Airport MRT, onto the escalator, walked past the burger king @ T2 and did a left turn. there’s this monorail service..

    are we talking about the same transport? :shutup: (no offence intended though)

  4. Hi Jacqueline, no worries. Budget terminal and T3 are located at different places. Yes, there’s a monorail service to T3 but for budget terminal, you need to take the bus. Hope this clarifies. :)

  5. oh is it? :shocked1: omg-ness. i really thought t3 and the budget terminal – both refer to the same place! :damnit: only travelled out of singapore twice in 22 years of life. i must have been such a mountain tortoise!! *runs away and hides* :cry:

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