Hong Kong: Macau

We checked out from Harbour Plaza 8 Degrees the night before and headed down to Largos Hotel at Jordan. No photos of the hotel though cos I think it suck. :confused: I miss the plushy bed at Harbour Plaza 8 Degrees! :(: Anyway…

Here we are at Hulu Cafe, the most decent looking cafe along that lane.

Borsch soup.

My udon soup with char siew. The soup was really delish. :drool2:

Boss’s curry fillet. The tasteless greens really puts me off. :shutup:

???? :eat:

After lunch, we decided to spend the day in Macau since Boss gian gian also wanna go to the casinos. That gambler. :blah:

Surprisingly, the ferry was extremely spacious and spanking clean. It’s even more worth it than the ferry I took to Batam! :shocked1:

Bleah! :tongue2:

City of Dreams! We didn’t get to go though, maybe next time! wink

The moment we alighted from the ferry, we rushed to the bus terminal to take the shuttle to The Venetian! Yay! :happy2:

It was raining but that didn’t dampen our mood! :weather12:

Galaxy Casino! It will be ready in 2011. We’ll definitely be here again! :cloud9:

At last, we arrived at The Venetian! :smileyhappy3:

IMPRESSIVE! :shocked2: The entire casino looks exactly like a palace! :bow:

The cast from Boys Over Flowers did their filming here! Gu Jun Pyo~~~ :love4:

My own “Gu Jun Pyo” lol! :tongue1:

Goodness, even the restroom looks MAGICAL! :thumbsup:

Just had to take a photo here keke. :tongue2:

We tried our luck at the casino and won SGD100 over. Not too bad for amateurs! :smileyhappy2: Now I truly understand why Boss kept insisting to come here. It’s pretty addictive to gamble in the casino. :confused: But we are disciplined enough to leave before we lose all our winnings. :smileyhappy3:

We took a cab down to Senado Square, another tourist attraction in Macau. smile

Camwhore! See the uncle beside me? He bumped into me without looking, must be some tiko pek! angry There is so much space around him but he just had to walk that close to me. Siao one! :blah:

Ruins of St. Paul’s! If you’ve never been here, you’ve never been to Macau! :laugh:

Yummeh fries. Bagus! :thumbsup:

Found the stall that Ji Hoo brought Jan Di to! :tongue2:

TADAAA! But I think the egg tarts are so-so only. :rolleyes:

After gobbling down the egg tarts, we made our way to Little Venice at Fisherman’s Wharf! Fantastic place I must say. :smileyhappy2:

Lomantic wor! :love2: I wanna go Macau again! :(:

The sky got darker and darker, so we decided to head back to Hong Kong. We were tired like mad! :confused:

SEE! Playing with my phone again. :blah:

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