Hong Kong: Mongkok

This marked the last day of our trip to Hong Kong. :(: We didn’t get to follow the itinerary I had planned initially. But still, the time I had with silly boss is well spent. :love4:

Last day, at Mong Kok! wink

Boss was telling me that SMRT had used the idea from Hong Kong’s MTR. I ain’t sure about that, but one thing I am pretty sure is that the Hongkies are really well disciplined. Look at the markings on the floor and the exit area. Singaporeans, please learn from them lah! :blah:

Us in the train! I think some people mentioned that the train system in Hong Kong is worse as the population in Hong Kong is much higher than ours. Total bullshit can?! :blank:

The Hongkies are more civilized as they don’t push their way into the train like kan cheong spiders. Also, they would stand at the right side of the escalator and let the other commuters pass through on the left. Kudos to them! :smileyhappy3:

We dropped by at the ever popular Ladies’ Market for bargain shopping! Things are really cheap there (but mostly fake). Haha. :laugh:

Heeee :love4: :love4: :love4:

What’s up with the chicken lingerie. It looks extremely funny can?! :smileyhappy3:

At Fa Yuen Street to shop for sports goods! :jump:

And then, it rained again! Dang! Out of 5 days, it rained 4 days. Major sian. :blah: Anyways, we forgot our ponchos and bought a HKD25 umbrella and quickly made our way to…

Langham Place! :cloud9:

Awesome structure of the mall. Better than ION! :tongue2:

Found LUSH! YAYYYYYYY!!! :dance1:

Got my LUSH bath bombs. WOO HOOO! :love3: But I had forgotten where I kept them! Arghhhhh! :alamak:

We strolled around the eateries area and found Yoshinoya. I think I am quite bo liao to eat Yoshinoya in Hong Kong. But the thing is, they serve pork! Darn delicious! Haha. :smileyhappy3:

Langham Place is smacked right in the middle of Mong Kok. A very nice place to shop all day long! Man, I shall stay at Langham Place Hotel the next time! :minnie9:

We walked across the street and I saw something familiar. :rolleyes:

OH YES it’s ???! :happy2:

??? a.k.a Hui Lau Shan is one of the most famous dessert chain in Hong Kong. They are everywhere on the streets! :marie5: You MUST try this if you are in Hong Kong! :smileyhappy2:

They feature mainly mango with all kinds of combination with fruits, coconut and jellies. Love mango, yums! :drool1:

Happy to find this gem yay! :marie10:

I ordered their mango with Pulut Hitam and coconut milk. The chunks of mango are really sweet. Simply heavenly! :thumbsup:

Now you see it.

Now you don’t! *wipes saliva* Yes, it is THAT GOOD. :thumbsup:

Boss had Strawberry with Mango puree drink. :dessert3:

After having our dessert, we went back to our hotel to check out and took the airport express bus to the airport. Very sad, have to leave Hong Kong soon. :(:

Rain again! angry

The moment we reached the airport, we were hungry again! :alamak: But this sucks! :disgust:

Bought the pineapple salted egg pastry. Darn good! Anything with salted egg is TASTY! :thumbsup: Yummeh! :smileyhappy2: After this trip, confirm gained weight! :alamak:

Now, I am wondering when will the next trip be? :sad3:

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