Hong Kong: The Peak and Central

The journey in Hong Kong continues…

It was my dear boss’s very first trip to Hong Kong, hence I had to make it memorable and fun for him. :lovebear1:

I dragged him up at 9am to take the public bus outside our hotel to Tsim Sha Tsui and transit to the MTR for breakfast! :dessert2:

Fortunately, we bought the airport express ticket which entitles us to unlimited rides on the MTR for 3 consecutive days. smile

We searched for the restaurant for more than 20 minutes and finally arrived! :omg:

Everyone was queuing up for the restaurant to open. That’s how well-known it is. :love3:

Everyone just CHEONG when the doors opened. :shocked1:

Within 30 minutes, the entire restaurant was fully filled. :shocked3: Madness!

Happy boss can finally have his dim sum. :wink1:

Siew mai with crab roe. I don’t eat siew mai back in Singapore, but these tasted very very different. :eat:

Boss never fail to order char siew bao, which I don’t like to eat. :blah:

Again, boss’s char siew pastry. :shift: Buay sian.

Chee cheong fun with shrimp! The one at Wan Dou Sek tasted better. :confused:

Spring roll. Boring. :blank:

The buns I have been looking high and low for! These are not ordinary buns! :tongue2:

They are filled with really delish salted egg custard! :drool2: Glad that we came here, else we would be missing on one of the best dishes in Hong Kong. :thumbsup:

After breakfast, we headed off to Central to visit The Peak. :kitty2:

Choo choo tram.

Thankfully, we got a seat as the ride to The Peak is extremely steep.

This was what we saw when we got up there. TAMADE! :angry:

Everywhere is foggy lor! :(: Sian to the max! :blank:

Bo bian, still have to take a photo for memory’s sake. :rolleyes:

My first time at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum! :wink1:

Bruce Lee, ah doi!

Boss and his favoritest idol ever, Jay Chou.

Aaron Kwok. Does he have eternal youth or something? :rolleyes:

Boss and his idol Brad Pitt.

Andy Lau, another ????? :laugh:

Auntie killer Bae Yong Joon.

Princess Diana, who’s a head taller than me. :sad3:

Boss, Obama and Bush.

Die Hitler die! :blah:

Boss and his clone! Don’t you think they look alike? WHAHAHAHA! :shutup:

My ancestor. wink

Lee Kuan Yew.

Boss and Astro Boy. LOL WTF! :laugh: Silly boss.

Donnie Yen.

Johnny Depp. Loves! :love3:

David Beckham.

Smelling his armpit. :alamak:

Tiger Tiger, pants on fire! Bastard. :angry:

The legendary King of Pop.

Madonna. Hee hee. Where’s Lady Gaga? :rolleyes:

We got bored and went back to Central.

Cute bus! smile

It started pouring the moment we stepped out of the MTR station, so we settled our dinner at a random cha chan teng. cool

I had century egg porridge, bland and tasteless. :blah:

Almond milk, very nourishing for the skin. Me like! :jump:

We went back to Kowloon station since there would be a free shuttle that we can take to go back to our hotel. We were told that the bus is named “Lucy”, or did we hear wrongly? Boss and I had a good laugh at it. :laugh:

We waited for at least 30 minutes but still no sign of “Lucy”. :angry:

???????! Machiam like paparazzi. :confused:

We gave up waiting and headed off to IFC mall.

The super atas cinema.

They even have a chic cafe in the cinema. Wooo! :love1:

Paid $30 for these tickets, non-3D ok! :blank:

If only the cinemas here get macho-looking guys for their cinema attendants too! :tongue2:

Prince of Persia! :kitty4:

After movie, we jalan jalan around the area and night market before heading back to the hotel. I wonder what awaits us the next day. :confused2:

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