I Need a Longer Break

Genting and Batam again. Very. Very. Depressing. :(:

I think I ran out of places to travel to. Saving up for the Taiwan trip next year though. :sad3:


Got bored of Genting already. But Boss is super fascinated with casinos, no idea why. :blah: Made quite a bit at the jackpot but lost everything again. :(: As the Chinese saying goes – “????, ????”, something we have to deeply remember.


For the Batam trip, we stayed at Golden View Hotel. Not that bad as the room is freaking huge and clean! smile


Tried the seafood at Golden 933, a short walking distance from our hotel. Should have trusted the reviews. The food really sucks, too overrated. Don’t try. :blank:


Pampered ourselves with a 2 hour massage at Eska Spa, just a stone’s throw away from Nagoya Hill. I don’t mind coming back here for more massages. SHIOK! :cloud9:


At night, we went for karaoke. It was tough selecting the songs as it’s all in hanyu pinyin (and wrong spellings). :blah:

Outfit of the day!

Top: TheBlogShop
Leggings: Uniqlo
Bag: TheBlogShop
Necklace: Flexor Empire
Bangle: Diva

Had A&W to satisfy my cravings. :tongue2:

My pathetic loot. Boss was like nagging at me at the supermarket and I only bought a few mandi lulur back. Blah! :angry: