Inspirations for Feature Walls

Feature wall makes a room stand out and I love how you can customize them according to your preferences. The feature wall creates a focal point for the entire room. Here are some fantastic inspirations I have found while doing my research! bigsmile

Harlequin Pattern
The colorful and pretty pattern stands out from the minimalistic white walls and furniture. Ideal for kids’ room I feel.

Mosaic Tiles
The great thing about mosaic tiles is you can decide on the pattern that you want. You can even tile quotes with it!

Barn Board
Very rustic, vintage and country feel. This is one of my favorite designs.

Brick Wall
Industrial and raw looking, this design has been overused but still has its own beauty.

Display your favorite photos or posters with this inspiration!

Awesome for people who have a flair for doodling.

Which one is your favorite? smile

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