Kinohimitsu Be White

We all know the harmful effects of UV rays and I do feel that applying sunblock alone is insufficient. Kinohimitsu Be White is a perfectly dosed beauty supplement to promote exquisite, fair and smooth skin. It not only targets the epidermis layer but also the dermis layer of the skin.

Skin brightening, lightening freckles and dark spots, healing sunburn skin, inner UV protection and anti-photoageing are some of the benefits it boasts to have.

The key ingredients found in the capsules are pomegranate extract and tomato extract, which prevents melanin production and erythema respectively.

The recommended intake would be 1-2 capsules per day. While I’ve only tried for a month, I saw slight lightening of certain fresh scars but not the old ones. I guess more dosage would be required to see more significant results.


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