KOSÉ Sekkisei Save the Blue Project with Ariel Lin at Tampines Mall

Ariel Lin (林依晨) made an appearance at KOSÉ Sekkisei roadshow at Tampines Mall last weekend to share her thoughts on the Save the Blue Project and her personal beauty tips!

We got to know that she has been using KOSÉ Sekkisei since the age of 18 (She’s turning 30 this year!), that explains why her skin is super flawless! Her usual beauty regime is to cleanse, tone, moisturize, apply night cream and sunblock. She don’t do excessive exfoliation as she feels that it will tug too much and harm her skin. Also, she would use tissue paper rather than towels to clean her face after cleansing as there will be bacteria being accumulated in the towels. A healthy diet is important as well, by eating less oily and fried food and replace them with lots of fruits and vegetables.

Mini games were held where a Q&A session was conducted for everyone to know more about KOSÉ Sekkisei and their reason for supporting the Save the Blue Project. Overall, it was a very informative event.

Coral bleaching is a major problem and this will greatly affect the marine species. Global warming is the main culprit of this and I am glad that KOSÉ is supporting this meaningful cause to save the poor coral reefs. Please do your part too! smile

Here’s a picture taken with Ariel Lin. Fwah I feel extremely inferior standing next to her! sad She’s super friendly and accommodated our photo and autograph requests readily! =)

I will review the rest of the products soon. Stay tuned! smile

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