Luckiest Boss

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall. Who is the Luckiest of Them All? BOSS of course! :rolleyes:

He managed to get some funds from me for his GPS device :blah: We have been driving around in circles whenever we lost our way :shift: Time to get one for assistance!

I personally went down to Obolo to collect this cake. Thank God I managed to survive through the nasty stares and ogling at Joo Chiat sad But the standard is still way off from The Patissier :cake2:

The display that caught my eyes at one glance. It’s already in OUR collection :drink1: More to come baby! :doraemonhappy:

An all expenses paid trip to Harris Resort, again. I know la, budget can? :disgust:

The General Manager of the resort personally escorted us to our room without putting on airs. He even showed us the renovated extension that is soon to be done in mid-June. I told him that we will be back and he gladly welcomed us and told me that he will treat us as VIPs :shocked1: ZHUN BOH?!

See? I even have his name card :tongue2:

This time round, we had a free upgrade to Cabana room after my constant request! :emotionsminnie1: Please ignore the ghost in the TV.

The spanking clean bathroom! :thumbsup:

The bathtub was decorated with all sorts of flowers. I am really happy with such little details they had taken care of :kitty14:

Bed of Flowers :flower5:

A sofa bed for us to lazily lay on, but we placed our bags and japalang on it kekeke :love3:

Day bed that faces the beach for relaxation :marie5:

A decent wardrobe to keep our clothes in :weather14:

Complimentary fruits…

…and cookies. I didn’t get to eat them at all. Boss gobbled them up all by himself angry

We headed over to the cafe for our candlelight dinner, but there isn’t any candlelight to start with lor! Mood and atmosphere completely gone :blah: The area is fooking warm and there isn’t a single gust of wind! :angry:

To make things worse, we had an unwelcomed guest who pranced around our area during the entire dinner. At first I thought it was pretty cute. But thereafter, it became freaking irritated and even tried to jump onto our table. Sickening can?! :rant: We had to ask the staff to chase it away. Boss even tried to “whack” it. It never came back :smileyhappy3:

The bandana was a free gift. This fashion style was like eons ago?! :confused:

A complimentary glass of red wine.

That silly guy tried to be funny, I even had to teach him how to hold the glass wine :disgust:

Before he gets nagged by me again, our food came. A close shave for him :blah:

Fish salad that tasted pretty decent :wink1:

The garlic bread looks burnt and ugly to consume. I was quite skeptical to try it, but surprisingly it tasted good! :thumbsup:

At first, I ordered the Spicy Chicken Spaghetti :doraemongrin: But I had to give it to the birthday boy cos he regretted ordering the wrong one :shift:

And I had to make do with this tasteless, yucky and horrible looking seafood rice or whatever they call it. Idiot right? angry PUI!

Lucky I had the dessert for compensation :kitty14: The glazed pears are really sweet and juicy :heart7:

I pretended to ignore boss and walked back to our room, unknown to him that another surprise is in store for him :smileyhappy3: Shortly after, the doorbell rang. Boss went to answer the door and the staff surprised him with a birthday cake and song! :cloud9:

Hope he isn’t pretending to be happy :alamak:

Unappealing looking cake, but it’s quite yummy. Don’t judge a cake by its looks! :laugh:

I treated myself to a bubble bath. All the way from Lush! :kitty14:

And off it goes :flower7:

Have a guess at our next activity! :party1:

Oh yeah! :doraemongrin:

I won boss! Kekeke :cheer: But he won me in the second game la :blah:

We treated ourselves to spa! :kitty2:

Doesn’t it look unsafe? I kept having a feeling that tons of people are looking at us from outside :shocked2:

WHEEEEEEE my favorite bubble bath :doraemonhappy:

Sweet! :weather14:

Us after the spa session. I think we look awfully messy :laugh:

I created another surprise for boss without him knowing that his friends would be meeting us at Togi Korean :tongue1: But the plan was ruined at the very last minute :marie7: Shan’t elaborate more :rant:

Tiny restaurant with great reviews :mail10:

Love the side dishes! One of the best I’ve ever eaten :heart2:

Seafood steamboat! Never had one for the longest time :eat:

You know all the hard work is worthwhile when you see that smile on his face :heart14: