Melbourne: Johanna River Farm and Cottages at Great Ocean Road

Experiencing a farm stay was at the top of my to-do list during our trip to Melbourne. Being a city girl all my life, I was looking forward to it. I did my research and my initial choice was Bellevue Farmstay which had positive reviews and the location is more accessible. Unfortunately, it was fully booked and so we went ahead with Johanna River Farm and Cottages! smile

Driving up to the farm is no easy feat. The farm is located in an extremely secluded area, UPHILL! We missed a few turns before spotting the farm’s signage. As far as I can remember, we drove for nearly 4 hours. We were being greeted by the owner Helen and her friendly dog Zac upon arriving at the farm.

We managed to book The Acacia, a one bedroom cottage with a spa tub. We paid AUD450 for 2 nights stay. Checking in was a breeze. Helen shared with us a list of restaurants to check out and recommended a few places of interest for us. Even though they provide free WiFi, we couldn’t access it at our cottage. The cottage is located at the far end of the farm, overlooking a small lake. The view was magnificent! It’s a pity we couldn’t catch the sunrise or sunset in time. Even though the weather was super chilly, we enjoyed the entire experience. We cooked our own meals, started our own fire, admired the cuteness of the sheep & llamas, lazed around checking out the scenery and explored Great Ocean Road. A total bliss. smile Before you begin planning your farmstay, here are some simple tips from yours truly that you may wish to know.

Do Research in Advance
Having limited mobile data kills. I guess we are too reliant on our smartphones nowadays haha! Do your research in advance and find out the nearest store to stock up on food and drinks. You might need it.

Wear Comfortably
Please do, for the shoes as well. You don’t know what you’re gonna step on since there are no lightings lol. The animals roam everywhere and their faeces are everywhere as well. And I don’t think you wanna get insect bites yeah? Stay warm too.

Stock Up
On food, the more the merrier! We struggled during the first night, thank god we had chips, noodles and some drinks. Don’t go hungry.

Relax & Enjoy
Self explanatory. That’s what a farmstay is supposed to be right? smile

Be it homestay or farmstay, I’m glad that we’ve experienced both! bigsmile Here are more photos taken at the farm!

Johanna River Farm and Cottages
420 Blue Johanna Road
Johanna VIC 3238, Australia

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