Review: Mobile Power Solutions – Mactrix Power 4400

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How often do you find yourself in a situation where your phone battery is low and you need to find a wall outlet for charging? Well, I do and it annoys me a lot. Personally, I’ve purchased all kinds of portable mobile chargers with lifespans of only a couple of months. That’s almost 60 bucks down the drain.

I own an iPhone and I use it to tweet, instagram, facebook, check my emails, watch my dramas, play my games and the battery life is not even enough to last for like 4 hours if I constantly use it. There are certain times where I would attend events but have to worry about the battery life as I would need to tweet or take photos at the event. #lifeofablogger

Mactrix has launched a series of mobile power solutions for charging smartphones, tablets and other portable electronic devices while on the go. Available in three different ranges of power capacity to cater to different needs of consumers – Mactrix Power 2200, Mactrix Power 4400 and Mactrix Power 10000.

I was given the Mactrix Power 4400 for review purposes.

Mactrix Power is equipped with a battery level indicator and flash light feature. Apparently, one indicator can fully charge the phone. Awesome!

Charging my iPhone. smile

Along with the battery unit, each model comes with a carrying case as well as different charging connectors to cater to different devices.

The design is lightweight, portable and compact and it comes in a spectrum of colors with metallic finishing. Girls love all things pretty and so do I. Being compact makes it extremely convenient to lug around in my bag. So far so good, much much better than the lousy and cheapo portable chargers I’ve been purchasing. angry

Check out the Mactrix Power promotion at Comex 2012 from 30 Aug to 2 Sep at Level 4 tech@vogue/Nubox Booth 8335. Any purchase comes with 1 year warranty and USB wall adapter, now that gives you more reason to try them out.

Disclosure: Products mentioned were provided to me for review consideration. I am not affiliated with any company and all opinions are my own. For more information, please check out my disclosure page.


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