Mystery Makan: Ardent’s CafeBar (Closed)

Update (15 May 2013): Ardent’s CafeBar has ceased operations.

It was Esther’s turn to plan for Mystery Makan! Check out our previous mystery makan sessions!

Jacelyn – Nanjya Monjya, Box n Sticks, Queens Dessert Cafe & Bistro
Nadia – With a Pinch of Salt, Tea Cosy, Old School Delights
Esther – Porn’s
Fidelis – Barracks, Epicurious

Pretty interior of the cafebar. smile

Eggs Blackstone
Two eggs poached on a toasted English muffin with grilled bacon and hollandaise sauce

I have to say the hollandaise sauce was fab! It has a light lemony taste, very refreshing and unique!

Eggs Benedict
Two eggs poached on a toasted English muffin with honey baked ham and hollandaise sauce

Pretty similar to Eggs Blackstone but it was ham instead of bacon.

Ardent’s Freestyle

Their big breakfast where you get to mix and match 5 items from the menu according to your preference. =)

Golden Shower

Okay, I had to write about this. According to BFF, Golden Shower is a practice of urinating on another person for sexual pleasure. *HORRIFIED* Esther’s friend had ordered the drink without knowing LOLOLOL! We all had a good laugh! Needless to say, the drink was left untouched hahaha! Though I’m shocked that they would actually use this name.

We went outside to take some pictures. Very pretty place! =)

Me and silly Boss on the garden swing! <3

With the girls! smile

BFF and I! =)

Here’s my outfit of the day! smile

Ardent’s CafeBar
80 Neil Road
Singapore 088842
Tel: (65) 6325 7077

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