Mystery Makan: Nanjya Monjya

It was my turn to bring the girls and their boys to my mystery place for dinner. I chose Nanjya Monjya located at Waterfront Plaza, a place serving authentic Japanese teppanyaki. :wink1:

Wore this vintage looking dress from TheBlogShop cos I stupidly forgot that we have to wear maxi dresses. :damnit:

The girls left me out of the picture. :(: :shutup:

Obviously, we started camwhoring the moment we entered the restaurant. :tongue2:

Me and Fidel. :love4:

Esther and Nadia. :kitty2:

While the girls were busy camwhoring, Leon started acting like a retard. :laugh:

Boss wasn’t there, so I became their light bulb and Leon was bullying me the whole night! :blah: Ok lah, at least he is entertaining! :laugh:

And the food came! :jump:

Okonomiyaki topped with a generous amount of bonito flakes. I love my okonomiyaki with tons of shredded cabbage and sauce. Om nom nom nom! :drool1:

Monjayaki is eaten directly off the grill using a small metal spatula. I only got to know this dish when I visit Nanjya Monjya. Quite unique leh! :wink1:

Sizzle sizzle and ready to be eaten! :eat:

Potato with bacon and tons of mozzarella cheese! :cloud9:

Look at all the goodness! :drool2:

Almost done!

Look at the cheese oozing! :thumbsup: My favorite dish of the day!

Garlic rice. Nice but still lose out to the one at Shabuya. :shutup:

Fried udon!

Garlic chicken. Don’t really like garlic. :(:

Pork belly with lots of fat! :laugh:

Really smoooooth Japanese beancurd with cheese and mentaiko. :love3:

Overall, the food was good. Except that I didn’t expect the huge turnout! Hence, everyone had to wait for the food to be cooked and somehow or rather, the portions are not enough to feed 6 hungry people lol. But sharing is caring ma! Hmph! :tongue2:

Oh wells, I’ll choose a better place next time! wink

We took a polaroid at the end of the day. Polaroids are really fun! :minnie9:

Can’t wait for the next girls (and men) outing! :dance1:

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