Mystery Makan: Old School Delights

It was BFF’s turn to organize mystery makan! Check out our previous mystery makan sessions!

She had given us a dress code – Retro. Don’t really know what to wear, so decided to go with bright and pop colors. smile Turns out the mystery makan is at Old School Delights!

Boss and I! Not very retro hor? Hahaha! tongue

Menu on a chalkboard!

Spotted this at the entrance. Retro games and whatnot!

Anyone remembers Happy Family? Used to play this and Old Maid, zero point, hopscotch and the list goes on! Proud to be an 80’s baby. =D

Very cute mural on the wall. Lolol “All the kaypohs”. How true!

Menu comes in the form of a school notebook.

Retro aluminium cup!

We wrote our orders on a whiteboard!

Here’s our fooood! We ordered nasi lemak, chicken curry, mee siam, laksa, kueh pie tee, iced milo and barley with lime. Nobody wanted to eat the kueh pie tee I ordered lol! =(

One last photo before we left the cafe. Thanks BFF for this mystery makan, brought back lots of childhood memories! =)

Old School Delights
215M Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 574408

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