Mystery Makan: Porn’s

Very controversial blog title eh? Read on! :tongue2: As you may know, the girls and I are planning for a staycation this month. In fact, it’s happening tomorrow! :happy2: Few weeks back, Nadia, Esther and I went to recee some hotels in town. We walked a lot! Full marks for our effort lol! :laugh:

We were mad tired and settle down for lunch. Recommended by Nadia, we had these chicky rice balls! Very very fragrant, even better than the ones in Malacca. :wink1: It’s located here if you are interested. smile

Up next, Esther’s mystery dinner at Porn’s! :wink1: Wurve the sexy elephant ass! :smileyhappy3: Cheeky restaurant name I must say, but it certainly caught your attention right? smile

They started before Boss and I came. :shutup: Had a bit of the tom yum soup and totally love it! Didn’t had much chance to try the other dishes. Might drop by again if they can improve their:

  • Service: Food came pretty slow and the staff doesn’t seemed too happy serving us. Maybe cos it’s during peak hour.
  • Food: More portions please! Not enough to eat leh.

Thai Roselle & Lime and Thai Iced Tea. Totally love the iced tea! :dessert3:

Pineapple Fried Rice

Looks damn farking good right? Think again. :blah:

Measly portion, quite disappointing. I’m like paying for the leftover pineapple husk rather than the food. :blank:

Thai Green Curry, very flavorful and has ample portion of chicken in it. :tongue1:

Fidelis’ Mochi with mango dessert. Didn’t have the chance to try it. Looks damn appetizing! :smileyhappy3:

After dinner, we popped by Honeymoon Dessert for well, mouth-watering desserts! :drool1:

The girls. :kitty14:

Me and Boss. :love4:

I had Thai Black Glutinous Rice with Mango and Vanilla ice cream. Heavenly! Oh man I miss the desserts in Hong Kong, I’m glad they brought in Honeymoon Dessert! :doraemon5:

Boss had Sesame Soup & Walnut Soup. :jump:

Mango Sago! :wink1:

Durian Pancake. I’m gonna try their durian desserts next time! :tongue2:

Complimentary Mango Pudding. Yummeh! :weather14:

With the girls. I’m wearing a dress from TheBlogShop. :love4:

We parted after that and Boss and I headed down to New Asia Bar to chill out. Didn’t stay for too long cos it was darn boring there. :(:

Loves! I’m not drunk ok! :smileyhappy3:

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