Jamie’s Deli at Jamie’s Italian

To cater to workers around the vicinity of harbourfront area who are time starved, Jamie’s Deli made its debut based on a grab-and-go concept that starts from 8.30am from Monday to Friday where PMEBs may grab a bite or coffee on their way to work. Things like croissants, muffins, tarts, nut bars, cookies and brownies will be available.

From 11am onwards, guests can also look forward to ordering a range of fresh salads and artisanal sandwiches which will be rotated once every two days.

Those who are looking for a lighter but fulfilling meal may opt for Big Fat Greek Salad (S$5.50+/S$8.50+) which is made with fresh lettuce, cucumber, tomato, onions, feta cheese and mustard dressing. The dressing makes the whole salad extremely refreshing.

We also tried their Margherita Pizza (S$5.50+) made with fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella, fresh basil, parmesan and extra virgin oil, as well as the Italian Hot Pizza (S$5.50+) made with crushed tomatoes, mozzarella, hot soppressata and wild oregano.

Apart from the items at Jamie’s Deli, here are a couple of new things that we’ve tried from Jamie’s Italian’s new menu.

Garlic & Chilli Prawns (S$16.95+) are really fresh and seasoned with butter, parsley and ciabatta croutons to give it a little nice crunch.

I know how difficult it is to cook risotto and hence, I can tell that a lot of effort has been involved to perfect the Seafood Risotto (S$26.95+), which has garlic, squid, mussels, bronze fennel, crispy capers, shellfish sauce and a little saffron. The risotto has absorbed the sweetness of the seafood which made it extremely flavourful. This dish is only available at Vivocity’s outlet.

Porcini Tagliatelle S$17.95+ / S$26.95+ is made with creamy wild mushroom sauce, gremolata, parmesan and herby breadcrumbs. The tagliatelle pasta is cooked till mildy chewy but doesn’t stick to the teeth. Definitely a crowd pleaser with its exquisite presentation where we had to lightly drizzle the breadcrumbs on top of the noodles before we dig in. Yums!

Oxtail Lasagne (S$29.95+) is a 12-hour slow-cooked oxtail and lightly topped with mozzarella and parmesan. Beef lovers would definitely love this, which is only available at Forum’s outlet.

The sea bass in Italian Fish & Chips (S$29.95+) is beer-battered and deep fried till golden brown, and served with polenta chips, mushy peas and tartare sauce. We were pretty amazed by the polenta chips, which were deep fried to a nice and crispy texture. It was as good as eating potato fries, but with less guilt!

Tiramisu (S$13.95+) contains coffee-flavoured sponge cake, kahlua, orange mascarpone and chocolate shavings. The orange mascarpone is a nice twist to give the classic dessert a citrus flavour.

Pecan Pie (S$12.95+) is made with butterscotch and salted caramel ice cream. A very satisfying dessert with a nice crunch when we bite into the pie crust.

Epic Chocolate Brownie (S$13.95+) is indeed epic. The rich chocolate brownie is drizzled with chocolate sauce and comes with ameretto ice cream and caramelised amaretti popcorn.

Jamie’s Italian
1 Harbourfront Walk, #01-165/167 VivoCity, Singapore 098585
Tel: (65) 6733 5500
Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday 10am to 10pm; Friday & Saturday 10am to 11pm
Note: Prices are subjected to 10% service charge and prevailing government taxes.

Taiwan: Banana New Paradise 香蕉新樂園

I was doing my research on interesting restaurants to visit in Taiwan when I found Banana New Paradise. Pretty oddly named but little did I know that they are not selling bananas lol! bigsmile

Everything in the restaurant was nostalgic and probably replicated the old Taiwanese period from 1930s onwards.

We tried their beancurd skin rolls, chives dumplings, chair siew sou, har gow, pork ribs and milk teas. Their food tasted better than it looks. The beancurd skin rolls were my favorite, it was really crispy and flavorful.

Before we left the restaurant, we spotted cherry blossoms down the street! Had to take some pictures. smile

Banana New Paradise 香蕉新樂園
No. 111, Section 2, Shuangshi Road, North District, Taichung City, Taiwan 404

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