Perth: Exploring Fremantle

For Day 3, I planned to visit Fremantle, a major port city in Perth. There are endless things to do, be it cafe hopping, visit Rottnest Island, whale watching or shopping at the markets. You will probably spend a day or two there. I don’t remember visiting Fremantle when I went with my family many years ago, so I was pretty excited to explore the city.

I was told that Cicerello’s serves the best fish and chips in Perth, I had to visit right?

I quickly ordered my lunch and sat outside to admire the beautiful port. heart Cicerello’s is located in a fantastic location in the wharf area. It was raining when I got there, so I didn’t get a chance to explore the other areas.

The legendary fish and chips, or so I thought. The batter was a bit soggy and I don’t think this is good enough to be claimed as the best fish and chips. Nope.

Fisherman’s Wharf, 44 Mews Road, Fremantle WA 6160, Australia

Fremantle Prison is the only building to be listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Western Australia. I have never been to any prison tour, so I thought I had to experience this at least once in my life. I bought 2 kinds of tour – Doing Time Tour and Great Escapes Tour. They have a night tour but I was too timid to try it! tongue

I felt very nervous and uneasy during the tour. I could really imagine myself to be one of the convicts when I walked through those corridors and cells. The guides had vividly described the convicts’ experiences and escapes in the prison. Some of them actually spend their free time doodling on the walls, pick up hobbies or skills. Everyone of them have a different role in the prison, either a cook, actor or artist. Others tried to escape and succeeded, but was caught again. Some were also hanged to death, check out the creepy gallows. It was very fascinating listening to their stories. I spent a few days googling and reading up on the histories. This is one of the best highlights of my trip and I will definitely remember it forever. smile

After the prison tour, I went to search for the restaurant The Karalee on Preston. They had won Western Australia’s best steak sandwich through a competition last year. I knew I had to try it! They used black angus beef and it was sooo tender and juicy, served with caramelised onions, cheese, bacon, greens and chips. I can see why they won! heart Como is located at the suburb of Perth. I was the only Asian when I entered the restaurant and everyone just kept staring at me lol. So embarrassing but nevertheless, a very enjoyable dinner for me! The restaurant overlooks the Swan River, too bad I didn’t get to snap photos. I’ll definitely revisit if I get to go again. smile

The Karalee on Preston
25 Preston St, Como WA 6152, Australia

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