Perth: Margaret River Day Tour

Finally got down to write about my solo trip to Perth hehe! tongue The flight to Perth was in the afternoon and the plane landed after 5 hours. The sky was already dark when I reached the airport. To be honest, I was quite shocked at the condition of the airport, compared to Melbourne’s. I tried to walk around to explore but the entire airport seemed to be quite run down and everywhere is under construction. I managed to grab a sandwich and hot chocolate at a nearby cafe. I also bought a data sim card at Vodafone that cost me about AUD30 for a 4GB plan.

I then took a cab down to Kensington where my host was staying. The driver was really nice and friendly. As the area where I stayed was quite secluded, he made sure that I entered the house before driving off. Phew! smile

My host is a Malaysian Chinese and she wasn’t home most of the time, so I had the whole house to myself at night. The location of her house was pretty secluded and quiet. In the day, I would walk to the nearest bus stop to catch a bus and at night, I would usually cab back. Come to think of it, the area is quite scary at night as the street lights were insufficient and is almost pitch dark. surprised

The entire house was clean and well maintained. Most of the time, I would crash on the bed when I got back. She also had 2 dogs and I would play with them whenever I am free. But usually, I would stay in the room and use wifi to chat with the hubby or surf the internet. To play safe, I would try to get back before the sky turns dark.

The next day, I made my way to Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre at 8am for the day tour to Margaret River. I booked for the day tour prior to my trip with Gray Line. They have an extensive list of day tours to choose from with a hassle-free booking system. I won’t hesitate to book with them again.

Waiting for the day tour bus at the convention centre. The bus arrived promptly and off I go with the rest of the travellers! smile

The first stop was at Busselton Jetty! The entire jetty is about 1.8km and there’s an underwater observatory right at the end but there wasn’t any time to visit it. sad

Words can’t describe this beautiful scenery. Managed to take some photos for memories’ sake. heart

Busselton Jetty
Busselton Beachfront, Busselton WA 6280, Australia
Tel: (61) 8 9754 0900

We moved on and had a quick lunch at Bootleg Brewery with some samplers, beer and ciders.

I ventured out and was welcomed by this beautiful scenery of the vineyard. I felt peaceful and relaxed just by admiring the greenery. Of course, this calls for a mandatory selfie haha! tongue

Bootleg Brewery
Puzey Road, Wilyabrup WA 6285, Australia
Tel: (61) 8 9755 6300

It was mind blowing just by looking at the amazing limestones and crystal formations in Mammoth Cave. We were guided and climbed all the way up to have a good view of the formations. Nothing beats having a real life experience admiring the beauty of nature, which I can’t get in Singapore. smile

Mammoth Cave
Caves Road, Boranup WA 6286, Australia
Tel: (61) 8 9780 5911

Next stop was Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, pity there wasn’t any time for us to climb to the top. It was super windy and started to drizzle after a while and I left after taking a selfie hehe! tongue

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse
Leeuwin Road, Augusta WA 6290, Australia
Tel: (61) 8 9780 5911

We grabbed some quick bites at a nearby town and also did some shopping before ending the day tour. It was another few hours ride back and I only got back at 11pm.

One last photo of the beautiful Busselton Jetty. heart

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