Perth: Transperth Tips and Perth City

Similarly to Melbourne, Transperth in Western Australia offers free bus rides called CAT (Central Area Transit) where you can get on and off them as often as you like without paying a fare. This is usually available either in the city or popular areas like Fremantle. Refer to the following website for the various bus routes and colour coding – Transperth CAT Bus Timetables. Here are some tips based on my experience with Transperth.

Plan your journey with Journey Planner

Get a sim card and use Journey Planner to plan your route for the whole trip. You don’t wanna lose your way, do you? It sucks to feel helpless and lost in a foreign country.

Pay with cash or SmartRider card

You may either pay your fare using cash or the SmartRider card. I didn’t get the card cos I find it a hassle to search for the stores. Sometimes, the drivers will let me sit the ride for free when they don’t have any change for me. I’m not asking you to cheat though, but no harm trying! bigsmile

Time limits on bus tickets

When you pay with cash, you will be given a ticket and it will have an expiry time printed on it. Don’t throw it away! This is useful when you are traveling within a certain distance of your starting point until the time limit expires, on any combination of bus, train or ferry services. I only knew about this from my Airbnb host on the 2nd day, it’s never too late to know though! smile

Make full use of the free CAT buses

As mentioned earlier, make full use of the free bus rides if possible cos it will save you quite a sum! Every ride cost me close to AUD2. Imagine you are taking 10 buses, that’s almost AUD20! I can buy a decent meal with that amount of money.

I hope the above tips on Transperth are helpful. smile

Perth City was my last stop for the trip and I did a quick stroll before my flight in the evening. I really love the buildings as they exude a certain charm which you cannot find in Singapore. There are also pretty wall murals done by street artists that added some colors to the nearby plain looking buildings.

I rested and chilled at a nearby cafe before my flight. The cake and coffee were sooo good. Why does everything taste so awesome in Australia? smile

I also mailed a postcard to Singapore for myself, a simple way of keeping track of my trips. I will be sharing more about travel hacks in one of the upcoming posts soon.

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