PUPA Makeup Launch at Senso Ristorante & Bar

Had an amazing experience with the folks from PUPA at Senso Ristorante & Bar for the launch of their Revolutionary Mascara Vamp! =) Apart from cosmetics, I got to know that PUPA has much more products under their belt! They range from cosmetics to nail polishes to skincare and even bodycare. I’m truly impressed! smile

Mr. Giorgio Forgani was there to demonstrate the products on Valerie to create a glam look. Right here, he’s using the Luminys Touch on her. Let me cover on that later.

Luminys Silk (S$26) – These eyeshadows are absolutely gorgeous. Do you know that they can be applied both dry and wet to give different makeup effects? When applied dry, it gives your eyes an elegant and sophisticated look. When applied wet, the colors have more intensity and appear brighter.

With a light texture that is soft and velvety to touch, the improved satin formula makes the application smoother and color more pigmented.

Here are the swatches for some of the colors. Aren’t they pretty? smile

Luminys Touch (S$33) – A complexion highlighter with radiant effect treatment. It has an extraordinary formula to give brightness and glow to shaded areas of the face like outer and inner corner of the eyes, sides of the nose, corners of the mouth and chin hollow. Not only that, it gives the face stronger highlights if you apply it on areas like cheekbones, forehead, ridge of the nose and even point of the chin.

It comes in 3 shades – Luminous Ivory, Luminous Sand and Luminous Peach. The brush is really soft and it comes with a “click” dispenser for releasing the right quantity of the product. One product with more than one use, isn’t it awesome? =)

The highlight of the day – Revolutionary Mascara Vamp! (S$35). Comes in 5 colors – Chocolate Brown, Deep Night, Electric Blue, Amethyst Violet and Emerald Green. Contains an exclusive PUPA formula to prolong the hold and keep lashes smooth and flexible. The brush comes with really smooth and thick bristles to collect the mascara in the middle of the brush, for that exaggerated and enhanced look.

Lookie! I tried the one in Emerald Green, pretty isn’t it? =)

What’s an event without great food? Special thanks to Mimi and Lynn for making this a memorable night for us! =)


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