Queen for a Night

Sometimes boss can be such a blur cock. He would do really silly things that made me so pissed off and amused :disgust: He’s non-romantic and don’t really plan for surprises, hence imagine how excited I am when he told me that he would be planning for our anniversary’s celebration ALL BY HIMSELF :shocked1: Did I hear that right? Ok to be frank, I was the one who told him to do so keke :smileyhappy3:

A few days before our anniversary, I bugged him to give me some clues.

Me: So where are we going?
Boss: You will know later.
Me: Tell me leh.
Boss: You will know later.
Boss: You will know later.
Me: ……

So tight-lipped! Talk to him can really vomit blood angry But his blurness often gave him away.

At his house…

Boss: Eh dear, go pack some clothes.
Me: Huh for what?
Boss: You will know later.
Me: Need passport?
Boss: No.
Me: Hmm… are we going to a hotel?
Boss: Ehh you will know later.
Me: Must be lah!
Boss: Errr…… :confused2:

See! Goondusamy right? :laugh: But that’s what I love about him :love4:

Day 1

Guess where were we? No prizes for guessing it right :tongue2: I twitpic to pose this question and some got it 100% right! :thumbsup:

Up we go!

KNOCK KNOCK! I have the tendency to knock the door before we enter. Scared of ghosts leh! :shutup: Hee hee…

Our king-sized bed! :minnie9:

I :love4: plushy beds! ?? :flower7:

I had a fall before we took this picture cry Managed to pick myself up gracefully to take this shot :alamak: Hahahha :party1: I can be a professional model already. Hire me now! :smileyhappy3:

A great balcony…

…overlooking this perfect view! Spot the Singapore Flyer! :weather2:

An LCD TV that accompanied us throughout the entire night :jump:

High-class sparkling mineral water in the fridge wor! :wink1:

Got bathrobes and iron somemore! WOOT! :happy2:

HEEEEEEEEEEE :smileyhappy2:

The bathroom, not too bad. But orbiang sink top is a no-no for me :blank:

A pretty decent bathtub which I never got to use it! ARGHHH!!! :rant:

As I scanned through the entire bathroom, I spotted this weird looking toilet bowl. I told boss that this queer-looking thing here is for us to wash our asses when we are done with peeing or shitting, but he disagrees with me. Guess what he said? “I think it’s a mini sink for kids to use.” :blank: Gosh! Someone kill me please! :damnit: Why would anyone design a sink that looks like a toilet bowl? :omg: VOMIT BLOOD!

I spotted a dressing table for me! :kitty8:

Just had to camwhore in front of the mirror hahaha :kitty14:

Boss, looking darn happy with the new jersey I bought for him :love2: 100% Gunners fan!

These are the gifts which I’ve prepared for him. On budget leh sad

Given my talent *eh hem*, I managed to transform this…

TO THIS! :doraemon16:

Shall not show you what I have written inside in case it gets too mushy, but here’s one I’m really proud of :love3:

After dilly dallying for nearly an hour, we headed to St. Gregory for a massage :cloud9:

The massage was darn SHIOK and made me fall asleep :kitty5:

We strolled around the area and found this – a pool that is created by 100% MINERAL WATER :shocked2: Can drink or not? :laugh:

Feel like jumping in for a swim but I never bring my swimsuit! :blah:

After our shiok massage, my stomach was grumbling like hell! Thank God there’s a buffet going on at AquaMarine smile

I nearly wanted to kope all the prawns at the seafood section :eat: They were really FRESH! :thumbsup: Glad I’m not allergic to seafood, else I would be missing out on one of the best food in the whole wide world! :smileyhappy3:

Well, I saved the best for the last – DESSERTS! :dessert8:

Shortly after dinner, we headed back to our room for late night movies and I totally concussed the moment I lay down on the bed :kitty1:

Day 2

Our weekly dose of entertainment…

UFO catchers! :kitty6: Boss is a pro in this, he managed to get one for me. More to my collection! :emotions7:

After strolling around at Marina Square, we walked back to our hotel for high-tea :cloud9:

:heart7: my camomile tea.

Look at the amount of food! They look delicious, aren’t they? :drool1:

After high-tea, it was back to reality :(: Many thanks to boss for the wonderful celebration! :kitty8:

:love4: :love4: :love4: