Renovation, Start!

Title inspired by Running Man hehe! smile We started our renovation about 3 weeks ago! I think we are taking things too slowly, even my contractor can’t believe we are so chill about it. We have done the hacking, wet works, electrical wiring and installation of the aircon compressor. Here are some photos of our self-designed home! bigsmile

Kitchen – We hacked the wall that faces the living room area to open up the space, we will also be installing a sliding door. The smaller opening on the left had already been sealed up.

Check out the adorable hex tiles! smile We didn’t install the bottom track for the sliding door due to safety reasons but chose to overlay these cute tiles instead.

Aircon – I found my aircon contact through my mum and all the contractor did was to seal up the trunking. I think he did an extremely good job as the effect was seamless that we couldn’t tell at all. The aircon uncle was extremely accommodating too and had been patiently waiting for our instructions hehe!

Featured Wall – My favorite brick wall made with craftstones! heart The shoe cabinet will be installed on the right facing the windows, TV console will be on the left. The rest of the area will be used as a backdrop, probably for photo taking or my mini storage area with some DIY stuff! bigsmile Will be DIY-ing more featured walls around the house, excited! smile

Bathrooms – We overlay the tiles over the old ones, though the effect wasn’t what I had envisioned it to be due to the different sizes of the tiles. At least we didn’t have to live with the ugly stripe tiles lol. tongue We will also be installing glass shower screen and vanity.

Next on the to-do list would be painting and installation of the lights and aircon units. We ordered the lights through Taobao and the shipment is on the way, hopefully the quality is not too bad! *fingers crossed*

In case you are wondering, we have engaged Alan Tan from Aian Furniture & Renovation. He is a HDB registered contractor and I got to see his works when I was browsing through Renotalk. Here is my honest opinion about him.

– My first impression of him was his professionalism, attitude and friendliness.
– His charges are reasonable and do not have GST nor hidden costs.
– He has a good team of carpenters, plumbers, electrician, etc. and will be able to provide the best rate.
– He has a good temper. So far, I have never seen him throw his weight around or being rude to his workers.
– He is quite flexible and gives us time to make our decision.
– He is not pushy at all and will give his opinion if he feels that certain design doesn’t work or is just a waste of our money.

– He do not provide any 3D drawing but he has the expertise to advise on certain things like design and space planning.
– He is extremely busy and tend to forget things like the color you had chosen, etc. Be sure to remind him constantly.

Alan can be contacted at To be fair to him, I will not be sharing my quotation to anyone. Most importantly, ensure that you are engaging a HDB approved contractor as they have the expertise to comply with HDB’s rules and regulations. Do a search via this link to see if the contractor is HDB registered. This is extremely important as the home owner is responsible for engaging the right company to do the job.

Our renovation should be done by end of May. More updates coming your way soon! smile

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