Seoul: 3 Reasons Why You Should Visit Ewha Womens University

Looking at my photos taken in Korea makes me wanna go back so badly for the shopping and food! sad Having said that, Ewha Womens University (a.k.a. Edae) is one of my favourite destinations for affordable fashion, food and beauty products. Here are 3 reasons why you should visit this beautiful campus and add it to your itinerary! smile

How to get to Ewha Womens University

  • Ewha Womans University Station: Line 2 (Green Line), Exit 2/3

Instagram-worthy Campus

The architecture and greenery around the campus makes you wanna click away non-stop on your camera. It was autumn when we were there and the leaves were in lovely shades of green, brown and orange, very pleasing to the eyes. smile Do have a walk around the campus if you have the time to do so, you will find different spots to take pretty photos!

Affordable and stylish fashion and beauty stores

The fashion sold here are mostly catered to female students, hence the price is slightly cheaper than what you will get elsewhere. Expect lots of pretty clothing boutiques, bags and shoes. If I were to visit Edae again, will probably go during summer cos I couldn’t buy any of the clothings as they were mostly winter wear. sad There were also tons of beauty brands like ONL and Innisfree for beauty junkies. Explore the alleyways to find lots of hidden gems!

Trendy and delicious snacks

Many restaurants and cafes are catered to the taste buds of females, like churros. There are also street food like this particular chicken skewers stall at Edae, which is extremely popular. The owner even appeared on one of the Running Man episodes! At 2,000 won (S$2.50) a stick, you can choose either non-spicy, mild or spicy. We chose the spicy version and even though it was burning our tongues, we just couldn’t stop eating it as the chicken meat was so tender and juicy. There are other stalls selling snacks like spiral potato, tteokbokki, etc. You will never go hungry here.

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