Simple Life at Kukup

This is an overdue post. 2 months late to be exact. :laugh:

Me and boss on the ferry. :love4:

To Kukup! Visited Kukup again for the first time in 12 years! :shocked1: I used to come here for fishing with my family, but it seems like there ain’t much similar activities now? :(:

How to fish like that? Look at the milky water. :alamak:

Ugh! Even the mudskippers came out to play. Can you spot them? :rolleyes:

And fight! :shocked1:

Quite cute huh? :laugh:

Remember these? :happy2: I bought a whole box back to play with haha! :tongue2:

Reached Kukup! Wah this place changed a lot! :shocked1:

Our apartment! smile

They even upgraded the TV system haha… wink

The kitchen area.

A decent wash area.

Plus our bunk beds. :tongue1:

Sadly, there isn’t much activities to do in Kukup other than playing texas poker and mahjong. I got bored after a while. :blank:

Then, it was dinner time! Food makes me happy. :jump:

We had vegetarian lo hei haha weird!

The sky got darker and we knew that the time has come…

…for FIRECRACKERS! Yahoo!!! :lovebear1:

Power! :shocked2: First time I saw this haha. :love1:


The finale. :smileyhappy2: