Snippets of My Life: Part 3

Apologies for the lack of updates. I’ve been busy doing my research on HDB and whatnot. It’s giving me too much stress and our appointment is in end Feb. Uh I didn’t know there are so many things to look out for. *facepalm* And also, I am looking up on potential wedding themes! Have set my mind on one. Now, to convince the boy. :smileyhappy3: Planning to get hitched in 2014 if everything goes well. :tongue2:

I will be contacting the winners for my giveaway soon. Do look out for my email!

Here’s a brief summary of what I’ve been up to recently. smile

Bloggers Tour at 112 Katong

I’ve lived my entire life in the east region of Singapore. Can’t imagine myself staying elsewhere. I will be moving to the north region in a couple of years later though. :rolleyes: Ok, I digress.

I went on a bloggers tour a couple of weeks back for the new 112 Katong (remember the old Katong Mall?). I was in awe when I knew that they had a series of firsts there! You lucky people staying near that area! Ok, I have a direct bus from home too haha! Lunch was at Nandos and the people there were so warm and friendly! Can’t wait to visit the outlet at Tampines woohoo! :jump:

112 Katong
112 East Coast Road
Singapore 428802
Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm daily

DIY Cocktails at The Studio

Ever wonder if you could DIY your own cocktails? Now you can do so at The Studio! It was extremely fun concocting the cocktail all by myself! Imagine you can custom them to suit your own taste buds. Cool eh? The Passion Fruit Magarita I’ve tried is super awesome! Their signature cocktails have really unique names like An Autumn Affair, Room Mate, The Landlord, The Apartment and The Gardener hahaha!

The Studio Cocktail Bar
778 North Bridge Road
Singapore 198746
Tel: (65) 6396 6345

David & Nadia’s Engagement

Woohoo BFF got engaged! I was waiting for her to finish blogging before I give my side of the story lol!

It came as a surprise for me too cos on that day, David messaged me on Facebook asking me to call him. It was the day when I was supposed to meet the girls for dinner in town. I called him and asked why didn’t he ask Nadia for my number. I suspected he was up to something and yes, I was right. He had plans to propose to her on that day. :shocked2: :shocked2: :shocked2: What a last minute notice lol!

He said he wanted to give her a surprise proposal on the least expected day. And then, I started getting worried. Like what if she didn’t dress up or didn’t put on make up?! Confirm kill me cos she had been reminding me to do so prior to Boss’s proposal for me lol! So I told David I will ask Fidelis to “announce” on Whatsapp that we will be having mystery makan. What a big fat lie! :party1:

Thank God BFF believed cos she’s quite smart. I kept telling David and the girls she’s damn smart via Whatsapp. So we must have a foolproof plan to bluff her haaha! Then, I lied that I will be late to give David ample time to prepare his stuff at home. Thanks lor, ended up I didn’t get the chance to go Lush with them. :tongue2:

Suggested by David, we brought her to Yakitori Enmaru at ION. The reason why he chose this place is cos there’s this huge door curtain at the entrance, he can hide behind it and not be seen. Unfortunately, the stupid waiter gave us a table like frigging close to the entrance and then I panicked. Like damn! :angry: But thank god she sat inside lol. We started ordering our food and I think she started getting worried, cos they ain’t cheap. But her BF’s paying for it mah whahahaha! :smileyhappy3:

After which, I cue David that we are ready and I told Fidelis to take a photo for us but in fact she’s recording everything down (last minute plan again :confused: ). Here’s the video!

He serenade her with Bruno Mars’ Marry You! Damn sweet lah! You can hear Fidelis saying aww aww aww in the background lol! :laugh: Very touching indeed. :doraemon15: Congrats both! I can’t wait to attend your wedding heehee! :tongue2:

Mystery Makan at Epicurious

Fidel’s mystery makan at Epicurious! Choco Nana is to die for! Feel like making it myself! Seems easy leh haha! Wurve brunch places like this. Total bliss. :love4: My turn to plan for the next mystery makan!

Pre-Valentine Celebration with the Bitches

The title says it all. :tongue2: We did a Valentine’s Day gift exchange and had so much fun. That’s not all. The girls surprised me with the nail polish collection from Deborah Lippmann OH MA GAWD! Think I super not shy to ask on Twitter lololol! Anyway, I love it very much woohoo! :love3: Thank you ladies. :cloud9:

Ok I’m done for now. I have tons of beauty products to review (oops!) and totally looking forward to Super Show 4!!! Darn eggcited! I gave up on Beast’s Beautiful Show though cos I am utterly broke. :(: Oh wells. Wokay, back to be a HDB slave. Anyone with tips please feel free to share with me! Well, anything to aid the selection process! :wink1: