Crabtree & Evelyn Himalayan Blue

Got this lovely storybook as a gift a long long time ago. tongue Himalayan Blue by Crabtree & Evelyn is said to have an exotic and mysterious scent that captures the mesmerizing beauty and breathtaking splendor of the Himalayas.

“Where the mountains are kissed by a panoramic sky, shimmering lakes give rise to an ethereal mist and the rare blue poppy is a treasured sight. Many have been lured by the beauty of the Himalayas. We capture its essence in Himalayan Blue, a fragrant blend of smoked black tea, warm ginger and spices, champaca, and a mysterious accord of patchouli and exotic woods.” – Crabtree & Evelyn

The Himalayan Blue Storybook comes in a pretty shade of dark blue box and contains the following items:

  • Himalayan Blue Bath & Shower Gel (S$35)
  • Himalayan Blue Body Lotion (S$40)
  • Himalayan Blue Eau de Toilette (S$28 for 30ml, S$65 for 100ml)
  • Himalayan Blue Hand Therapy (S$33)

The scent begins with a touch of lemon and orange, a good perk me up scent for mornings. It continues to develop into a combination of tea, ginger, roses and spices. The ending note contains sandalwood and wildflowers, too strong for my liking and gave me quite a headache. I guess the exotic scent appeals more to men. This? Nah, not for me. Gimme my floral-fruity scents please. I guess I’ll just stick to that. blush


Attended THEFACESHOP Natural Sun Eco launch a couple of weeks ago at Backstage Cafe. The entire cafe was decorated with sunflowers, beach themed and the dress code was yellow. As you may have guessed, Natural Sun Eco is all about sun care.

Sun care is important especially in Singapore where it is summer all year round. The hot weather is crazy these days. I don’t even feel like stepping out of the office to get my lunches lol. Prevention of sun damage is important and has to be done now before it gets too late when problems like pigmentation and skin diseases start to surface.

THEFACESHOP Natural Sun Eco is a smart sun care line that contains organic eco-certified ingredient – Sunflower Sprout extract which is rich in vitamins and minerals, providing powerful anti-oxidants to strengthen the skin’s immune system. Here is the entire collection from Natural Sun Eco.

1. Aqua Sun Gel SPF40 PA+++
It is a hydrating water based sun gel that:
– Soothes and calms the skin
– Gives the skin an instant moisturized and refreshing feeling
– Gets absorbed into the skin fairly quickly
– Has a non-sticky texture

2. Smart Handiness Sun SPF50+ PA+++
It is a sunscreen combined with a diagonal puff which allows:
– A fitting and easy application without the use of our hands
– Ease of use with a connected applicator
– Sheer coverage and evens out skin tone

3. Baby Mild Sun Lotion SPF30 PA++
It is a mild sun lotion with:
– 100% mineral filter
– Suitability to all skin types including babies aged 12 months and above or people with sensitive skin
– Non-chemical formula
– Safe for daily use and easily washes off with normal cleanser

4. Body & Family Sun Milk SPF40 PA+++
It is a mild body and family sun milk that:
– Can be used on both face and body
– Has a cooling effect upon application
– Suitable for outdoor activities
– Is easy to apply

5. Power Long Lasting Sun Cream SPF45 PA+++
It is a multi-sunscreen with:
– Long lasting UV protection (SPF45 PA+++)
– Strong water resistance
– 2-in-1 function (sunblock + makeup base)
– Flawless skin complexion finish
– No animal sourced ingredients

6. Oil Cut Sun Cream SPF40 PA++
It is an oil-free sun cream with:
– Sebum absorbing powder
– Good control of excess sebum
– Good control of shine and provides a matte finish

7. Smart Cushion Sun Original SPF50+ PA+++
It is a liquid cushion sponge type of sunscreen with:
– 3-in-1 function (UV protection + cooling effect + makeup base)
– Great convenience in handy touch ups
– Available refills

Here are the swatches for the products. Much thanks to Chantana being the hand model! tongue

From L to R: Baby Mild Sun Lotion, Smart Handiness Sun, Body & Family Sun Milk, Aqua Sun Gel, Oil Cut Sun Cream, Power Long Lasting Sun Cream and Smart Cushion Sun Original

We were each given the Sun Eco Power Long-Lasting Sun Cream and Smart Cushion to review.

Natural Sun Eco Power Long-Lasting Sun Cream SPF45 PA+++ (SGD34.90)
The star product of the suncare line, this sun cream gives a long-lasting UV protection while giving the skin a healthy and natural look. The texture of the sun cream is non-sticky and protects the skin pretty well from long exposure from sun rays. I love how it is slightly tinted to give a light and sheer coverage to the skin, which acts as a make-up base as well.

Natural Sun Eco Smart Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ (SGD41.90)
This product is a “must have” sunscreen for the vacation when fighting against the sun! With its 5-in-1 function, it provides UV protection, cooling and make up effects all in one. The coverage is light to medium and gives a dewy finish to the skin. After 5 hours or so, it had almost oxidized, probably due to my oily skin.

My LOTD with both products, which looks extremely natural with a no makeup look when applied. Love it! smile