Taiwan: Sightseeing in Taichung

As we wanted to maximize our time at Taichung, we decided to hire a driver to bring us to some of the popular attractions for sightseeing. Our driver was a 24 years old young chap who was really passionate about his job. Thanks to him, we learnt a lot about the lives of Taiwanese and their culture. He might be young but I feel that he is pretty reliable and doesn’t hesitate to bring us to other places which were not in the initial itinerary. If you are keen to hire him, he may be reached at +886 970568797 via Whatsapp, you may address him as 童先生.

Our first stop was at Rainbow Village 彩虹眷村, known for their rainbow murals by an elderly man who started painting on the walls to prevent the village from being demolished. Sadly, we didn’t get to see the artist himself when we were there. We spent about 20 mins taking pictures and buying some souvenirs before heading off to our next destination.

I’ve always loved castles, so King Garden 元首館 was one of the places I included in my itinerary. I heard there was a casino themed restaurant but we didn’t get to visit it. They even dressed up the washrooms! We spent some time buying snacks and looking around. Do try out their garlic toast if you are ever there. It’s so fluffy, soft and pack full of garlic flavour. I love how they toasted it till golden brown and lightly seasoned with parsley. Super yums! smile

Sun Moon Lake 日月潭 was our next stop but I find that this place is overhyped. There were too many Chinese tourists, pushing, shoving and cutting queues. sad The only consolation is probably the tea eggs and red tea that we tried.

Summit Resort 新社古堡莊園 is another location with castle-like structures. I find that it’s a nice place to take OOTD. Other than that, there’s nothing much and we only spent about 10mins exploring the entire place.

If you are looking for nice gelato or snacks, Feeling 18 degree Chocolate Factory 18度巧克力 would be a good choice to visit. They are also known for their sponge cakes but we bought the mini biscuits versions and it was equally good.

Some of the places above are really worth checking out. I’ll share more sightseeing places in Taichung on my next few posts. smile

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